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Hiding Well Is The Best Revenge

Still down under: The waiter joins the gang. He asks if they're all right. Ted says, "Oh, yeah. We're just going to be eating down here, if that's okay." The waiter gives Ted his almonds and Ted asks about the specials. The rest of the gang protests loudly. I bet the cast was ready for that. My hat's off to them for staying under that table as long as they do. They complain that placing their orders and dining under the table is ludicrous. Barney takes the reins. "Ted, I am a person who... well, let's just face it. There are a lot of people I don't want to see -- people of the chicks I've banged persuasion. But if any of them were to walk in here, I would stand up. I would look them right in the eye -- some of them for the very first time." Ted calls him on this, and suggests that Barney would hide from Becca DeLucci. Barney says, "You son of a bitch," and the waiter asks, "Who's Becca DeLucci." Barney looks at him, and says, "Do you mind?" The waiter slinks away, feeling no more popular than Gasser. Goodbye little waiter. Barney explains that Becca DeLucci is an inmate at Bedford Hills Federal Penitentiary (there actually is a Bedford Hills State Correctional facility in Westchester County). The visits were, of course, of a conjugal nature. "What I had with Becca was a perfect relationship. She was only allowed, by law, to call me once a week. If she ever got clingy, the armed guards stopped her, and I never had to pay for dinner. Well that's not true; I pay taxes. Then again, I guess we all paid for dinner. Thanks guys." But the last time he visited, he screwed things up.

Flash back to Becca and Barney, separated by security glass. They talk on the phone as Barney feeds her a line about being in a prison of his own heart, while trying to hurry the guards into letting them start their conjugal visit, when another attractive inmate is escorted into the room. Barney drops Becca mid-coversation and goes over to the new inmate and gets her to pick up the phone in her booth. Is it a booth? I don't know the terms. I haven't been to prison... yet. "Hi. Barney Stinson. Attorney-at-law. Let's talk about getting you off." Oh, show. Becca flies into view and attacks the other woman. They fight and it takes three seconds for Barney to remember he enjoys it. I was a little worried for him for a tick, weren't you? He manages to film it on his mobile and we flash forward to the present. Barney says he now gets letters from Becca. "And she's all 'I'm coming to get you the day I get out of here. I'm going to hang your eyes from my rear-view mirror'. Women, huh?" Robin just looks down and shakes her head.

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