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Hiding Well Is The Best Revenge

Down under: Ted reminds himself to think. He says he's going to take a peek, above board, and then makes Marshall do it, instead. Look out, Marshall! There's a greasy looking dog right on top of the table! What kind of restaurant is this? Oh, wait. That's just... your hair. Still crouching and hiding behind the table, Marshall looks over and hears the waiter ask Stella if she'll need any utensils. She doesn't, because she's going straight home.

Down under: Marshall reports that Stella's placed a take-out order. Ted asks, "Did she seem happy? Did she say anything about me?" He tries to shake it off. "I don't even care! Where are those almonds?" Barney's been dying for this line since the set up, so I'll let him take it. "Gosh, where would Ted's nuts be? Hey, why don't you go check the vise in Stella's garage?" Marshall demands that Ted go yell at Stella. Lily agrees. "Ted, you may be from Ohio, but you live in New York, now. We don't push down our feelings in New York. We take our feelings, and we shove them in somebody else's face." Ignoring his hair, Marshall's so cute as he makes the same actions and expressions along with his wife. Ted says, "Oh spare me, Lily. You'd be doing the same thing if you were in this situation." Lily denies that there's anyone she'd want to avoid so badly that she'd hide under a table. Ted reminds her about...

...Gasser. While still down under, Lily explains that in Middle School, Michael Sasser was a loser. Freshman year of high school, after his 12-inch growth spurt and joining the baseball team, Sasser was on the precipice of being cool (er... I have to call b.s. on account of his hair). One day, Lily passed gas in biology class and was not stealthy about it, so she pointed the stinky finger of blame at Stasser, and re-Christened him Gasser -- even getting the other kids to chant along. This scene rocks, by the way. The rest of the class is made up of actors who probably are about 14 years old. Alyson Hannigan is wearing a long black wig with heavy bangs, is dressed all in black and has lily (oops) white skin, and dark eye makeup, and she barely looks out of place -- even though she's got two decades on these kids. I mean, she doesn't look 14, but she fits in well enough that it's not jarring to watch. Well done, show. Anyhow, she reports that Sasser endured so much teasing he eventually had to switch schools to escape the ridicule. Barney says, "Kids are awesome." Hee. Lily says that if she ran into him today, she'd make things right between them. Robin can't resist. "Right. Clear the air as it were." She snickers at her own joke. "Oh, man. Those don't come around often." She makes little Oprahesque gestures with her hands. "Y'all are welcome." Barney can't help but laugh at her. Aww.

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