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Hiding Well Is The Best Revenge

Lily says this is ridiculous -- that he can't live that way. Marshall agrees. "She leaves you at the altar, and you're the one avoiding her?" Ted says, "Yeah." He's avoiding her, and he doesn't think that's any big deal. "That's the way we do it." When Marshall asks if "we" stands for gutless weenies, Ted explains: "We is people from the great state of Ohio." Oh, holla back if you're tired of hearing about Ohio, right now. No offense, Buckeyes. It's just -- the election, it's everywhere, and living in a state that apparently matters not one whit, I'm tired of hearing your name (and Virginia's and Florida's and Colorado's and Pennsylvania's and so forth) on the teevee. Where was I? Oh, yeah, Ted says Buckeyes push down the pain and if the pain starts to come up again, "We push more pain down on top of it. Why confront something when you can avoid it, right?" Barney nods in agreement. Ted, when you're getting affirmation from a narcissist with severe detachment disorder, it ought to be your first clue that your approach to mental health might have a small flaw. Ted says he just has to not see Stella ever again, and he'll live a long happy life, then steers the subject back to restaurants. Lily says someone recently told her about a great tapas place that falls in the white zone. They agree to go there, so we sideways slide to a place that just says, "Tapas" on the door. Inside, Ted asks the waiter to bring some almonds for the table, to set up the inevitable joke about him being without nuts, and then congratulates Lily on her dinner choice. He asks who told her about it. She says, "You know, I don't remember." She looks up as the door open, and her eyes and mouth open wide. "Uh-oh." Robin asks what's wrong. Lily says, "I just remembered," and points behind Ted. The gang turns to look and sees Stella. We go to commercial to increase the dramatic tension, and make some room in the Halloween candy bowl.

Ted tells everyone to be cool, and tries to pretend he's not freaking out, as he says they'll deal with it -- which might be convincing if not for all his omigods, not to mention the fact that he dives under the table. Barney says he's not hiding under that table, although he'd be glad to hide under the neighboring table full of beautiful women. Robin is jumpy (not about Barney). "Ooh, she's turning around." We cut to Stella, who has her nose buried in a menu, then cut back to the gang's table, which is now empty. Oh, there's Barney's hand, grabbing his glass of Scotch, and giving a whole new meaning to drinking someone under the table.

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