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I know you've just barely gotten used to me with this half-season I've weecapped, but this will be my last weecap of How I Met Your Mother as the designated writer. I'm not saying I'll never fill in for whatever lucky soul takes over, but someone else wonderful will get the assignment. I'll still be watching and reading, though, and expecting greatness. So, about the show. Saget!Ted tells us, his kids, that sometimes great things come out of terrible circumstances. Remember, for example, when he got stranded in the Hong Kong airport on a business trip? In fact, no, we don't remember that, but we'll play along. Older-looking Ted complains to an airline rep at the airport that he can't believe a drizzle would shut down an airport in 2021 (though Ted's looking a lot more than ten years older) when we can make cell phones that send a hologram of the person on the other end. A cute girl greets him and he pretends to know who she is (he doesn't). She reminds him she's Wendy the Waitress. So Saget!Ted backs us up "about ten years."

MacLaren's, 2011. Robin tells Barney she heard he and Nora had a fun time at laser tag. He wonders where she heard that, since it was "a disaster." (But remember, kids, what Saget!Ted just said: So something good's going to come out of it, right?) Robin explains Nora's version of what happened, and we get a swipe into the past for it. Nora thought it was fun and wanted to do it again, Barney invited her for a drink, but she was too tired, so she gave him her number and went home. Then we get Barney's version, which has everything after her rejecting his drink offer muffled out so he can't understand it. Then him faking, "Absolutely." He tells Robin it was a shame, too, because Nora's a great laser tag partner; she's small, so she can push kids. Robin tells him he likes Nora, but he swears he doesn't. She says he can't say her name without smiling, so he tries and tries and tries, much to the delight of Robin, Lily and Marshall. Barney makes up a rhyme about Nora's face and booty, but how he doesn't chase for it. Lily tells him that's ridiculous and then says she has some advice. This is the point where everything she says is muffled to Barney, but he still responds, "Totally," when she's done. How fun would it be to live inside Barney's brain? Almost as fun as the "Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, da, da, da, da, da, da, DA" (don't count them; I'm sure I'm off) opening song.

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