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Party 'Til the World Ends

Not a terrible episode, but it mentioned Edward James Olmos, Friday Night Lights and Ewoks, which are all things that I love (I am under the Ewok line, thankfully), so I'm a little bit biased. I still didn't laugh out loud hysterically, but at least I wasn't totally banging my head against the wall for the entire episode, so I feel that it is some progress.

Marshall's boss, Garrison Cootes, used to be an aggressive environmental lawyer, but has become soft because he's realized that the world is going to end in a decade. He's got an abandoned mine shaft, some FNL DVDs and a nice little armory built up, so he'll be fine, but most of us are doomed. I don't think I ever really wanted Martin Short being the one to tell me that we're all going to die, but that happened (until FutureTed basically credits Cootes and Marshall for single-handedly saving the world, which was a bit of an overstatement to say the very least). So he's all about plying his staff with cake and party games, while he takes low settlements from companies that are destroying the earth. Marshall, who has to censor his stories because of the ears on his unborn child (that's not going to get gratingly annoying or anything), wants Cootes to fight the good fight and stop being a teddy bear and return to the warrior Ewok that he used to be.

The Ewok discussion runs around the gang, who mostly agree that the George Lucas creations are cute. But Nora thinks that they are awful and only enjoyed watching them die. According to Barney's slideshow on Ewok history, if you were born before May 23, 1973, you hate Ewoks because you were too old to find them adorable when the original trilogy came out. So he determines that Nora is secretly 37 and wants to break up with her, but finally does a grown-up thing and confronts her (mostly because she's hot) and finds out that she's not actually ancient, but just didn't see the Star Wars films until a year ago. Frankly, that might be more of an unforgivable sin than being old in some books, but Barney just goes with it.

Ted is still on his quest to inspire his Intro to Architecture class, so he "plans" a field trip to the GNB job site. But he didn't get the appropriate permission, so instead takes the few kids who showed up (and didn't think they were in Intro to Archaeology) to Barney's office, his apartment and to random street corners with German families. This bugged me a lot, because how dumb is Ted exactly? I feel like he's getting stupider each passing week. Anyway, he and Barney realize that the 20 odd people in his class actually make a good focus group, and start using them to solve all of their debates. Including one on "Edward or Jacob." You'd think it was a Twihard thing, but no, Barney is convinced that Edward James Olmos' name is really Jacob James Olmos. What world do these to live in where there isn't an app for looking up famous people's names on their phones? It started to annoy me, but then I got lost in my mind thinking about Battlestar Galactica and FNL (except for that second season, I agree with Marshall on that one) and zoned out a bit on the "Pollster" bit that was happening. I would pay big money to watch Adama or Coach Taylor come and lecture the gang on their idiotic behavior.

Speaking of moronic behavior, Robin is dating her therapist. Sure Kumar/Kevin is cute and all, but really? Even a group of clearly uninspired architecture students think this is a big mistake. Anyway, she justifies it by becoming his therapist for two hours and encouraging him to open up about his mom. They've both been vulnerable, so now they can move on together? I'm not sure that's exactly how this works, but since Kevin is probably the least annoying character on the show at this very moment, I'm going to let it ride and see how it crashes and burns. Besides, Robin could be dating her gynecologist, so this is a minor improvement.

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