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It's A Christmas Miracle

Then they show up at the movie, all cheerful. Ted asks them if they're okay, and they're like, "Why wouldn't we be?" "Oh, the baby thing?" "Yeah, whatever." Then Marshall and Lily totally get Ted's Christmas-themed movie snack, which doesn't even make him happy in his puzzlement over their happiness. He says he thought they'd be devastated, so they tell him they are actually sort of relieved because they were freaking out for a couple days. Now they're not sure if they want a baby, so they might get a dog instead. Robin and Barney love this idea (remember when Robin used to have five dogs?), but Ted throws his gingerbread house on the ground, smashing it into bits. Barney, sad: "Our movie snack." Ted yells at Lily and Marshall about how they cannot let one little freak-out change their plan. He sends them home to have lots of sex and make a baby. Then he yells at Barney to go give the suit back and give the money to charity, and he doesn't mean the stripper Barney keeps e-mailing about. Barney says he can't give the suit back, because he finally glows in the dark. So Ted yells to the criminals of New York about how they could retire on this man's diamond-covered pants. Barney takes off to return the suit. Then Ted yells at Robin about how she didn't move to New York to become a coin-flip bimbo. He flips a coin and either way she has to take the job at World Wide News. So she leaves to call them. Then Punchy calls, in a panic, that he can't get married. Ted yells that he CAN because he loves her, and Punchy agrees. Ted: Mister Fix-It, for the first time ever.

Indie-rock Christmas music plays as Ted buys one ticket to It's A Wonderful Life. Get it? Because it totally is. The music continues for a mini-montage, where Marshall and Lily decide they're ready for this and start to make out, Barney gives Sam a giant check for charity and then a bunch of suits for the needy's job interviews, and Robin gets her World Wide News tour and her ID badge. At home, Robin tells Ted it was cool of him to get them all back on their right paths. Then she tells him that if she gets married, and he's not the guy she's marrying, she'd love him to be her best man. He tells her he'll crush it, and they fist-bump, setting the stage for that season-opening wedding being Robin's, just like everyone wants it to be. But could it also be Barney's?

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