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It's A Christmas Miracle

Saget!Ted says it seemed there was no changing Robin's mind, but in a few minutes there whole world would be turned upside-down. The scene starts fast-forwarding through Barney coming in and talking, showing them something in a magazine, and cuts right to Marshall and Lily coming in with the pregnancy news. Robin and Ted hug them. Barney jumps up to run away. Zoom in on Robin, who starts thinking about what she's doing with her life: In her brain, she even calls herself a "coin flip bimbo" and thinks about how very single she is. Then she decides to take the job at World Wide News. The next day at MacLaren's, Saget!Ted tells us they had two things to celebrate. She shows up to the scene from earlier where everyone tells Marshall and Lily how happy they look, and tells them they're looking at the new associate researcher at World Wide News. Ted asks what changed her mind, and she says it's the baby. She doesn't want to be "sad aunt Robin, the aging coin-flip bimbo who gives her the creeps." She wants to be "cool aunt Robin, the respected journalist who gives her beer." Lily: "What?" Robin: "What?" Then she tells them how peaceful they look, and Marshall says they've never been happier.

Next day, Robin calls Million Dollar Heads or Tails to decline the job offer. When she calls, she's all, "Mr. Trebek?" as if you'd really call the host to turn down a job, but whatevs. She's pretty, so I guess she gets that. At that very moment, Lily and Marshall get the not-pregnancy news and immediately text her: "False Alarm! Not pregnant." Lily starts thinking (and we can hear it) that she shouldn't be getting all up in her head if they're not even pregnant. "That research job sounds hard. And I'm pretty. I'm really, really pretty." Again, not really in character for Robin, but since it's amusing, I can live with it. She keeps the job, apparently, because she meets Ted later outside a movie theater and flips a coin a bunch, even giddily calling herself the new coin-flip bimbo. Ted, holding a gingerbread house, looks disgusted.

After a commercial break (do you want to be on Survivor? Me neither.), Ted asks what the hell is wrong with her, changing her mind again, after a New Year's resolution and everything! We all know they are totally binding. She gives him some line about also saying she'd never make out with a garbage man, but life happens. Then she changes the subject to his gingerbread house. He acts like it's obvious: "We're seeing a Christmas movie. It's a Christmas-themed movie snack." [...Which he will not be allowed to bring into the theater. - Zach] She hopes Santa brings Ted a girlfriend this year. He grumbles, then wonders where the hell Barney is.

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