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It's Britney, bitches! Again! Brace yourselves. For the second time. Embrace the re-brace. It's not a re-tread, really! And I don't want to hear you guys complaining when she comes back a third time. Just call it a three-peat.

SagetTed is telling his kids about the streak of bad luck Barney was having when a mysterious woman was revealing his wicked ways to potential conquests. We see Barney at MacLaren's hitting on a lovely lady and offering to get her a drink. We see him come back and, as SagetTed helpfully explains, "He'd get slapped." SLAP! We cut to the pet store slap and the art gallery slap. We even see the hardware store slap. "Until finally," SagetTed says, Lily was approached by the woman who warned her to stay away from Barney. Not sure why we needed to see the part with Lily, but whatever. It's your flashback, SagetTed. We cut to the present time, as Barney gets slapped one more time at MacLaren's. "Again!?" he shouts, "REALLY!?" SagetTed says that this time Barney knew whom to look for. Barney turns toward the exit and sees a blonde walking out wearing a purple dress. He gives chase. Out of the bar. On to the street. Around the corner. He accosts a woman in a purple dress and asks if he slept with her and then totally screwed her over. "No," she says. He stops himself as he's about to run away to ask what she's doing on Friday. She gives him a dirty look, so Barney continues his pursuit of the other woman. He sees her duck into a cab. As the vehicle is about to take off, Barney dives onto the hood. He looks through the windshield. It's Britney Spears! Or rather, Stella's secretary. "Amy?" Barney asks. "Abby!" she corrects. "Riiiight," Barney says. Britney no likey.

Ba ba pa pa!

We see kids drawing in Lily's classroom. SagetTed explains to his kids that sometimes you can do something right 1,000 times, but still mess it up the 1001st time. We see a little girl bring Lily a drawing of a rainbow three times. Each time, she gives them warm praise. The fourth time, though, she gets an exasperated, "You're kidding me. Seriously, aren't you sick of these things?" Realizing what she just did (the little girl's face crumbles), Lily says, "Uh oh."

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