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Dueling Dualities

Crumpet Manor: Marshall and Ted sneak back into Marshall and Lily's room. She's still in bed. It turns out she didn't even know that he'd been gone. Saget!Ted says, "Crumpet Manor had pampered Lily into a nearly comatose state of relaxation. She didn't even notice we were gone." We flash back to see Lily getting a massage, facial, etc. When her phone buzzes, she incorporates the noise into her hums and moans of pleasure. She had a great time, too, and is fine with missing the pizza. Saget!Ted says, "If she didn't mean it then, she certainly meant it 19 minutes later." We flash forward to Marshall and Ted writhing in pain. Marshall cries, "Oh, my stomach! Damn you, Gazzola's." Ted's in the wingchair. "It's like a hot ball of lead." Marshall rips open his robe and pleads with Lily. "Baby, cut it out of me. CUT IT OUT!"

End tag: Marshall and Ted are chugging TANTRUM and talking LIKE THEY'RE CHUGGING TANTRUM. Marshall exclaims it was a wild trip. Ted agrees and says how great it is to be drinking Tantrum again. Marshall gestures to the empty backseat (oh-oh) and says, "You know who had fun -- was Lily. Lily drank like four cans of the stuff. Right Lil?" Silence. He looks in the backseat. Where's Lily? The camera pulls back to reveal Lily lying atop the moving car. She screams, "TANTRUM!" And then quietly adds, "I have to pee."

I'm sorry I don't have much time for commentary this week, but honestly, the episode felt a little flat to me, especially when I watched it the second (and subsequent) time(s). I liked seeing how Barney and Robin act as a couple when their friends aren't around. I enjoyed seeing Ted and Marshall together. I wasn't crazy about either story, though, and was disappointed that the writers ignored the "no eating in the Fiero" rule, particularly since it was such a big part of "Arrivederci, Fiero." I suspect they bungled some immigration and naturalization policy, but this is only a weecap of a sitcom, so I'm not getting that deep into research. It looks like we're getting a rerun of "The Stinsons" next week, so come join us on the forums.

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