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Dueling Dualities

Chicago; Gazzola's: The pizza is rubbery, cold and kind of gross, and making them wonder if it was worth the 22 hour drive. Ted smiles. "Just like old times." Marshall says, "I feel so young again, except for the chest pains." They both agree the crust is fantastic, though and want to know the secret. The man behind the counter tells them it's a cornmeal crust. Marshall flashes back to Lily saying, "We'd love a cornmeal body scrub." Ted tells the counter man he can't believe the shop is going to close. The employee says, "I can't believe we're still open." He then kills a bug and wipes it on his filthy uniform. "These are getting bigger."

Toronto; Tim Horton's: Robin orders two coffees and the cashier asks her what she thought of the game last night. Robin doesn't even know what game she's talking about. It was the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Edmonton Oilers. When Robin says she missed it, the cashier apologizes. "Oh, sore-y, you're American." Robin says that she isn't American. The cashier says, "American money; didn't watch the Leafs' game; no please or thank you for the coffee? You sure don't seem like a Canadian." While Barney makes fun of the color of the Canadian five dollar bill and the kids playing hockey featured on back of it, Robin is devastated as she decides that although she's not American, she's no longer Canadian, either.

Chicago; Gazzola's: Marshall stares down at his pizza, then up at Ted. "I don't want this any more." Ted says, "Don't look at it. That's a rookie mistake." But the pizza isn't bothering Marshall, leaving Lily is. Ted tells him to call her, but Marshall has left her about 20 messages, including one saying it was all Ted's fault. She's not picking up. Ted wants to know how this is his fault. Marshall reminds Ted that he kidnapped him, and didn't even let him put on underwear. As counter man comes over to their table with more water, Ted says, "We never used to put on underwear." The counter man does a double take and scoots off. Ted says the fun of a Bros' trip to Gazzola's was that they'd just drop everything and go. He thinks Marshall isn't upset because he thinks Lily's mad. He says Marshall would just rather be at the Bed & Breakfast with her, eating muffins. Me, too. "Instead of with me, eating this delicious..." he gestures down at his pizza then stops. "I think one of my mushrooms just crawled away." I rest my case. Marshall's out of there. He demands the car keys. Ted throws them so that they land on the floor. Marshall, still wearing his shorty robe, bends over to get them, giving the counter man a view he never wanted.

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