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Dueling Dualities

Road Trip: Kenny Rogers narrates that Sparky loved chasing a ball and it didn't much matter what kind: baseball, Wiffle ball, golf ball, basketball, beach ball, gumball. He keeps going. "A grapefruit, which isn't actually a ball, but it is round like a ball. A football, which isn't actually round, but it's still technically a ball. An India Rubber ball..." As Ted's eyes roll straight out of the car and all the way back to Manhattan, a woman's voice cuts in telling them it's time to switch CDs. Yep, time for disc #8. Disc 8? Oh man, Ted's way more patient that he needs to be, here. The disc starts up and Rogers continues: "Lacrosse balls, volley balls..." Okay, now Ted and I are on the same page, that is to say he freaks out a little. "Oh my God, Lily." He lowers his voice. "Please tell me you have to go pee." She thinks about it. "Yep! I do." Saget!Ted says, "It was the worst trip ever, but then it got worse." Marshall tells Lily they're almost at the hotel. She can pee there. Ted, who was counting on reliving their college days, with the hellish, non-stop 22 hour road trip, just looks at Marshall. "Hotel?"

Crumpet Manor: Marshall didn't just book a hotel; he booked rooms at a Bed & Breakfast that caters to couples. All that the hostess can offer singleton Ted in way of recreation is sitting on a bench. Between getting left out of "couples night" last time, and now this insensitive booking, I can't help but feel like we're seeing Ted set up for really feeling excluded at some point. Who knows? Maybe he'll meet the mother while he's on a break from his friends.

Apartment: Robin's thinking over an answer to a question we don't hear. "I want to say... Jefferson." Barney says, "Correct! Archie Bunker's neighbor was George Jefferson." But to prove she's as "American as apple pie and the childhood obesity it leads to," she's got one last photo to identify. Robin's pretty cocky when she takes the picture from him. "That, Barney, is the America actor beloved by millions -- the "Hey Vern" guy from the popular series of Ernest films, and his name is... Jeff Foxworthy." Barney laughs. He can't believe she doesn't know it's Jim Varney. Robin points at him. "Uh, that's Jeff Foxworthy, dumbass. End of story. Now shut your stupid face!" Barney says, "Not only are you wrong, but you are belligerently sticking to your guns, and insulting me in the process. Robin Scherbatsky..." He clicks his heels together and salutes her. "You are an American." Not only that, Barney. She's a New Yorker! They hug in celebration.

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