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Dueling Dualities

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The Apartment: As he's preparing to leave, Ted is so hopped up on Tantrum that he rips up a throw pillow on purpose, then shouts, "TANTRUM!" He then tells Barney how thrilled he is to have some alone time with Marshall, because Marshall and Lily have started morphing into a "we." Any question he asks Marshall (how are you doing; did you watch the game) gets a we answer -- even when Marshall's just back from the doctor. "We no longer have a hemorrhoid problem." We didn't need to know that there was one. Just then, Robin comes out. She's been talking to her lawyer all morning. The guy who she hit with the chair at Hoser Hut is filing assault charges (she broke his nose). She may end up getting deported. Ted, still wired, says, "Oh my God, that sucks! I'm gonna go do push-ups in the kitchen." He yells, "TANTRUM," while leaving the living room.

Once he's gone, Robin tells Barney that her lawyer suggests she become an American citizen to avoid deportation. Robin's torn, but Barney thinks this is a splendid idea. "Robin, if you want to live here, work here, and throw chairs at people here, you have to do this." Apparently there's a naturalization test that she can take, tomorrow. She says she'll think about taking it, but Barney insists. He'll even help her study. "We're gonna stay up all night long. I'm gonna drill you... and then we're going to study." Robin smiles. "No, seriously, we're going to do some cramming... and then we're going to study." She laughs. "No. I'm serious. We're going to bone up..." She pats his knee and stops him. He apologizes. "It's a rich area." Then he warns her that the test won't be easy, and insults the Canadian test, in doing so. First question: Do you want to be Canadian? Second question: Really? She hits him, but before the chairs start flying, Marshall arrives.

Marshall is wearing one of those drinking hats on his head. You know the ones. They hold a can on either side and have a tube you can drink from. One side is loaded up with Tantrum. The other has a black coffee. He hollers for Ted, brags about his beverages, and then demands a phone book. Ted hands him a huge book, like the Yellow Pages. Marshall tears it in half, throws the pieces to the ground and screams, "TANTRUM!" Ted follows suit. I would so not want to be in a car with these two, right now. But Lily feels differently. She enters the apartment, snuggles up to Marshall and says, "All right, let's hit the road!" Ted looks at Marshall. "You invited Lily?" Marshall says, "We most certainly did." As Ted leaves the apartment behind them, Barney runs up to him to make sure he caught Marshall's use of "we" there. Commercial!

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