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Dueling Dualities
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Over a shot of Ted, Marshall, Lily and Barney bundling up to go ice skating, Saget!Ted reminds his (unseen in this episode) children that Aunt Robin grew up in Canada so sometimes, she did things a little differently. For example, she dressed a little differently. Robin, wearing a short sleeved shirt and miniskirt, comes out carrying her skates and yelling, "Let's DO this!" She takes off without even a jacket. Cut to MacLaren's, where Robin meets up with the gang. Saget!Ted says she sometimes talked a little differently. Robin holds up a bill in front of Ted. "Ted, this hydro bill is bigger than Louis Cyr's biceps. What? You leave the garburator on all night, eh?" If I'm recapping a show, I watch with the closed-captioning on, so I don't miss anything. My husband, who, unlike me, doesn't speak Canadian, had to shut it off so he could read the Canadian to English subtitles. "This electric bill is larger than a Quebec strong man's arms. Did you leave the disposal on all night, moron?" Over an exterior shot of the Hoser Hut, Saget!Ted says, "She hung out at different bars." Inside, there's a rip-roaring bar brawl, and Robin (wearing her Canucks jersey) is right in the middle of it, throwing a chair at someone. Saget!Ted notes, "And she enjoyed leisure time a little differently." Robin screams at her unseen victim: "Oh, you wanna go? You wanna go?!" Smash.

MacLaren's: Robin is sitting with Marshall and Barney, telling them to make fun of "The Great White North" all they want. She still says Canada is still the best country in the world. Barney proposes a social experiment. He stands up and chants, "U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A." The crowd joins right in. Robin says people will chant anything and rises to make her case. "Can-a-DUH. Can-a-DUH. Can-a-DUH!" Crickets. She allows that maybe they won't chant anything. Barney holds up his index finger as he grins. "Shrimp fried rice. Shrimp fried rice. Shrimp fried rice!" The bar joins right in, again. Ted, just entering, chants along, all the way from the door to the booth. Now I want shrimp fried rice, but not in Canada. I've never once had good Chinese food there.

Ted has crushing news for Marshall. Gazzola's, "a filthy Mecca of spectacular -- if undercooked -- pizzas" is closing. It's in Chicago. And when they were at Wesleyan (the one in CT, mind you), they'd occasionally take crazy, 22-hour, map-less road trips to this joint. Ted says, "We'd just jump in the Fiero and drive. We were like Louis and Clark, if Louis and Clark peed in empty soda bottles and had a bong made out of a cantaloupe." Soda bottles in the Fiero? Surely not. Perhaps Marshall made an exception to the no drinks, no food, not even groceries rule for long trips, though. Or, the writers forgot (more likely) that episode's details. Boo. The guys wax nostalgic about their Gazzola's trips. They ate nothing but jerky and drank nothing but Tantrum. Marshall says that's when they really became bros. From the future, Saget!Ted tells his kids that Tantrum was a super-caffeinated soda. As Saget!Ted narrates that eventually, the FDA took it off the market, we see a lab rat explode through the glass side of its cage. Marshall says they went through a whole case of the stuff on one trip. Ted was color-blind for two weeks after, and Marshall pegs his Tantrum over-consumption as the reason he still passes out at the sound of church bells. As Ted starts to detail how brutal those long road-trips were, Marshall smiles. "What time are we leaving for Gazzola's tomorrow?" Ted was thinking 9:00 or 9:30 AM. Hee.

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