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This episode was actually edited together in a realistic way, with most of the conversation involving the A plot (Lily's boobs) while lulls in conversation allowed for Ted to talk about the B plot (Victoria's secret).

Barney has become obsessed with hashtags, so when Marshall gets an infantile rubber ducky tie, it prompts Barney to say things like "Duck, duck gross. #burn. #ducktieslams #stinsonrocks." Except hashtags aren't nearly as funny when you have to actually say the word "hashtag" out loud. Barney's additionally obsessed with Lily's new pregnancy boobs (he sings "Let your boobies show" to the tune of "Go Down Moses") and he'll do anything to see them. So when the gang gets to Shinjitsu (a restaurant that specializes in hibachi grilling with a vaudeville twist, which we've never seen before but apparently they frequent all the time), Barney makes a bet that if he can do all of the hibachi stuff (the onion volcano, the shrimp in the pocket , etc.), then he'll get to touch (and briefly squeeze) Lily's boob. If he loses, he's stuck wearing the ducky tie for a year.

The negotiation between Lily and Barney is pretty great, as is the Keyser Soze moment when Marshall realizes that Barney went to hibachi school in Hoboken just planning for a moment when he'd get to use it to his advantage. And the flashback moments to Barney's Pavlovian training of Marshall (he sneezes, Marshall wants hibachi) was actually pretty clever. And in the end, Lily used her boobs to distract Barney (which naturally worked), so he's technically stuck wearing the dumb duck tie for a year. And I’m not even going to quibble about the fact that we've probably seen snippets of said year and he wasn't wearing that tie, because I'm feeling generous about this part of the episode.

The Victoria/Ted part… less so. First the gang tries to guess which of Ted's girlfriends he ran into at the party: "The girl who beat you up." The girl who ruined the photo with Slash." "The girl who made you get a butterfly tattoo?" "You make it sound like I've dated a bunch of Steig Larsen novels." Then we have to sit through Robin and Ted's version of the encounter. Btw, Robin has awful hair. Just terrible. It's such a mom cut and she could do better. Anyway, she acts all awkward around Victoria and apologizes for stealing her boyfriend. And then Ted tells Victoria that he'd like to atone for his cheating by washing her cupcake dishes. This cues the very mature (though always funny) chorus of that catchy little ditty, "Bang, bang, bangity, bang."

But that didn't happen for Ted because good old Victoria is on the verge of being proposed to. (She saw the ring in a sock drawer, and her boyfriend has a romantic dinner planned.) Ted makes some stupid comment about only rich people having sock drawers that might be one of the dumbest things he's ever said. And then Ted finally realizes that the Klaus she's almost engaged to is the Klaus from her cooking class (a "who's on first"-style tongue twister ensued). She was only single about a day and a half and hasn't been all broken hearted because of Ted. Real shocker. Still, they make out in the kitchen, so she can see if she's sure about Klaus (she is). And he takes her to the bus where she tells him again that it is weird that both he and Barney dated Robin and the three of them all hang out every day. Also, she thinks Ted's still hung up on Robin, a fact which he leaves out when he's telling the gang about the bus farewell. But Victoria's comment means that we're going to be stuck taking another spin on the Ted/Robin/Barney carousel of love. So over that.

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