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2009: Jen and Ted both say, "Wow." Just as they're about to kiss, we cut to the strip club, where Barney's still trying to butter up Robin, by telling her she's the best. "My girlfriend is in a strip club with me, and she couldn't care less." Robin emphasizes that she does care. Things are different now that they're dating. She says they need to have a serious talk. She's interrupted by Marshall who tells them that Lily just arranged for a private dance with Vamp Willow. "So if you need me, I'll be getting grinded like some pepper in the champagne room."

Roof top: Ted and Jen's lips part. She looks at him. "Now what?" Ted says he just remembers why he didn't call her. "I can't believe I'm going to screw this up again, but, um... I like finding typos in menus. And I know my shellfish pun is stupid, but the truth is I'm not suddenly going to stop making stupid jokes." Jen gets it. She's never going to stop talking about her cats -- who are funny and adorable. Ted's thinking they should both hold out for the person who not only tolerates their quirks but loves them for those quirks. Jen agrees. They are both so going to die alone.

End Tag: Vamp Lily comes out to the pole, but can't even stand up in her high heels. Meanwhile, Marshall turns to Lily and says, "It looks like Jasmine is having a hard time getting out of those boots." Wait, that's not Lily. She's smoking! In a Russian accent, not!Lily says, "What did you say, buddy?" Marshall says, "Lily?" Jasmine says, "Who? Oh yeees, I am dees Leely. We married long time. May I have monies for shopping?" Marshall looks at her, as real Lily screams and falls on stage. Marshall jumps up to help her, and we're all out of show. That tag almost worked for me, but not quite. I'm glad to put this episode to bed. The people in the forums have been talking about how the second episode of the season seems to be a letdown, more often than not. I think I have to agree with them. Yes, Regis, I'm looking at you. See you next week, everyone.

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