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Ted's roof: 2002 Ted points out the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, and "A rotund couple going at it against the glass." 2002 Ted and Jen acknowledge it wasn't the best date of all time, but Ted says he's glad they stuck it out and they kiss. 2009 Ted asks 2009 Jen what went wrong. We flash back again, and 2002 Ted promises to call. 2009 Jen reveals he never did. 2009 Ted looks like a deer caught in the headlights. "I have been sooooo busy." Jen is angry. "Goodnight, Ted." She walks off, leaving him there.

Before she gets to the ladder, we hear her ringtone (cats meowing classical music). It's Ted. He apologizes for being an idiot back then. "You saw the goatee." I hear that. He'd like to see her again. Jen says, "Ted, there are two kinds of guys -- the guys you want to call you that don't, and the guys you don't want to call you -- who always do. And somehow, right now? You're both." Burn.

MacLaren's: Lily tries to convince Marshall that it's okay to fantasize without feeling guilty. "Or, you know, killing me off." Marshall says, "I wish that I could, but I've been doing this for so long -- I'm all confused about death and sex. It's gotten to the point where every time I drive past a cemetery, I'm sporting a partial." Lily says they have to fix this, and we cut to...

Strip Club: Lily says that Marshall has her permission to fantasize about Vamp Willow and shouldn't feel guilty since she practically is Lily. When Marshall thanks her, Lily screams, "Bring out stripper Lily!" Alas, she never once says, "I'm so evil, and skanky. And I think I'm kind of gay." Meanwhile, Barney tries to fool Robin into thinking he doesn't come to the strip club all that often, but he's greeted -- by name -- by practically everyone. Robin is not amused. But really, she's not Robin for the purpose of this episode, which is too bad. I like Robin. That's okay. Lily's here to make us forget. She gets deliriously excited at seeing Vamp Willow, and throws her a hundred dollar bill, telling her to crawl for it. I'm very seldom naughty.

Rooftop: Ted's still trying to apologize for 2002, and argues his case for the man he is, today. Jen's not buying, but he persists and says that even back then, they didn't miss by all that much. "If a couple of things had gone a little bit differently, who knows what would have happened?" Goldspot's "Rewind" plays as we see Ted's fantasy of their first first date. Jen fights him over the check, but he wins and feels all manly. Later, when she's cold, he wraps his coat around her shoulders. At MacLaren's, Lily takes a picture of Marshall, Ted, Jen and Mustache Marshall. Jen and Ted then kiss on his roof. Later, she's just arriving home with a bag of groceries when her cell phone rings. She smiles. It concludes with them getting married. Jen's cats -- draped in pink velvet -- stand as their witnesses.

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