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Anyhow, Barney pulls out his cell and tells the ladies to meet Vamp Willow, who he insists upon calling, "Stripper Lily." What kind of a name is that? The girls recoil, perhaps because Barney actually failed to get Vamp Willow's face into the shot. Marshall is all prepared for Lily's anger, but she thinks it's awesome that there's a stripper out there who looks exactly like her. Meanwhile, Barney thinks Robin is going to be cool with everything and she so is not, so Barney lies that Marshall made him go.

City Streets: Ted asks Jen what else he did wrong. She explains that she kept dropping hints that she was cold, but Ted never offered her his jacket (which he wasn't even wearing, yo -- it was in his hand). Ted explains that he was busy trying not to admit he was cold. "I didn't want to appear like a wimp in comparison to your action-hero ex-boyfriend you couldn't stop talking about." He was a firefighter with a muscle car, who was into bare-knuckle boxing. When 2009 Jen cracks about her ex's shockingly small wiener, 2009 Ted is right there with his jacket.

MacLaren's: Lily can't stop asking questions about Vamp Willow's strip act. Marshall is a little taken aback by her enthusiasm, but Barney's trying to use it to smooth things over with Robin. It doesn't work. And I have to tell you, when I first watched this episode, it didn't work for me, either. Robin has been to strip clubs with guys and talked about it and thinks it's all well and good. That said, Robin was tricked and lied to, in this episode, so I can understand some of her reaction -- or I could, if that was the way it was written. So yeah, never mind. One of the delightful things about this sitcom is how character-driven it usually is, so it's just disappointing to see four seasons of Robin tossed off the room. We ended last week with Robin lying (or at least thinking she was lying) to Lily that she and Barney were a couple. Now this week, she's not cool with this? From Barney? Eh. It fell flat for me. Anyhow, in the course of trying to save his own ass, Barney tells Marshall to admit to Lily all the trouble Marshall has to go through to have a fantasy. Lily's fine with Marshall fantasizing, but far less fine with his need to kill her off in his fantasy before hand. "Could you maybe not murder me?"

Ted and Jen arrive at MacLaren's as they retrace the steps of their actual first date. He prepares her for meeting the gang. "They are my best friends, so don't be surprised if they can't think of anything I do wrong." Not a problem tonight. Lily and Robin bring up his juggling, his expectation of a standing ovation for picking up even the smallest check, and his tendency to point out menu typos. Jen says she remembers what really didn't work for her about Ted. "I remember him coming across as kind of a player." Everyone says, "Ted?" except for Ted, who says, "Me?" We flash back as Jen recounts how she was obsessing about dressing up her cats, when Barney signaled to Ted to look across the bar. The camera pans to a pretty blonde, and Ted says, "Yeah. Niiiiice." Current day Ted remembers that, though. He swears he wasn't checking out a girl. In a re-flashback, the man standing next to the girl turns around. It's Mustache Marshall! Jen apologizes for thinking he was a jerk, undeservedly.

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