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2009: Jen notes that pointing out spelling errors in a menu seems a little snooty. Ted had no idea. Jen wants to know Ted's memories of her -- aside from the cats. He tells her how he fully intended to pay, but was disappointed that Jen didn't do the check dance. Do guys these days expect the check dance on a blind, first date? I'm so glad I'm married. I'm no Rules Girl, and actually, I've never been on a blind date, but... really? School me, single ladies (and men, for that matter). My e-mail is open. I've also never had a first date where I did the asking. I think the asker should presume the evening is on him or her, and while it's cool for the askee to offer to split the bill, it shouldn't be a game ender. [Sounds fair. But where does that leave a mutually agreed-upon blind date, initiated by others? - Zach] Maybe askee didn't do the asking, because of finances in the first place, you know. I mean... if you've been seeing each other a while, it's different. You start to understand each others' lifestyles and finances and all that. Hilariously enough (to me), my husband took me out on our first date and forgot to bring money. Yep. I didn't know it though, because the chef happened by our table and he happened to be someone my husband had grown up with. He comped our bill for old times' sake. Later, we were going to a club, so Scott stopped at an ATM. It was there he confessed how he would have felt like a total ass, if not for the kismet of accidentally knowing the chef. So Bobby Murphy, wherever you are? Thank you. (In all fairness, I have to say I actually kind of fell for my husband because of his dorky admission and would have ponied up for the check if Murph hadn't happened by.) Back in 2009, Ted explains to Jen that guys like to wave the girl off, and act like a big shot. They decide they should retrace the rest of their first-first date to figure out what else they do wrong on first dates.

MacLaren's: Barney and Marshall return to the bar to find Lily and Robin. Before Marshall can shush him, Barney announces that tonight, "We saw the third doppelganger." Saget!Ted explains that over the years they've spotted two strangers who looked just like members of the gang: Lesbian Robin (she walks by in short hair, a flannel shirt, cropped jeans and black work boots, tossing a baseball and hawking a loogie); and Mustache Marshall (his likeness is featured on an ad on a back of a bus. The text reads: "¡Señor Justica! Cuando el derecho llama. Llama a Señor Justica! And yeah, high school Spanish was long ago and far away, but I think that translates to "When the right calls. Call Señor Justica!). Saget!Ted also teases that by the following summer, they would find the remaining two doppelgangers, but he'll get to that. Yeah. After the mother, or before, Saget!Ted? You're becoming about as reliable as my kids, when I tell them to make their beds and they reply, "In a minute." All carrot, no stick.

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