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The next stripper's name is Jasmine, and she is a dead-ringer for Lily, so of course we'll be calling her Vamp Willow. Marshall can't believe his eyes. Barney though, is so excited; he's already on the phone to Ted, who is on his (second) first date with Jen. Ted he says he can't talk, right now. Barney's in a tizzy, so he replies that he, too, is speechless. "Everything's as perky as we've always imagined." Marshall slugs him and tells him to stop looking at Vamp Willow. Ted begs off the call, but not before he whispers to Barney to take a picture.

The Restaurant: 2009 Jen asks 2009 Ted what he's going to order. We flash back to 2002, where Ted asks Jen if she'd like to share the oysters. When she says she'd love to, 2002 Ted says that's great, and then we get a split screen of both versions of Ted punning, "Because if you didn't, that would be mighty... shellfish." Wow, that's... bad. In another split screen, both versions of Jen say, "Wow, that's bad," because, as I've already mentioned, it is. Both versions of Ted then explain that that's why it's funny. And then it happens. 2009 Ted and Jen simultaneously say, "We've been on this date, before." After the break, Ted and Jen continue talking about how they've been on the same exact blind date before, in the same restaurant, and neither one remembers the original date going so well. Jen remembers Ted being a little snobby -- so I guess she's got full recall. Ted says he remembers that she dresses her cats up in weird costumes. Jen says, "They're not weir-- See? You're being snobby, again." Ted is flabbergasted. "Do you realizes what this means? Since our first date, we've done a complete lap of all the single people in New York, only to end up back here -- with each other." I say they're going to die alone. Jen agrees, but Ted points out that Jen has her cats. They laugh at the insanity of the premise. Writers -- take note. Then Ted asks why Jen thought he was snobby. She points to where they sat on their first-first date, and we flash back to...

2002: Perusing the menu, Ted chuckles and says, "Maine Lobster. They spelled Maine without the E. Good to know we're not getting the crappy understudy lobsters, right?" When Jen gives him a I'm-humoring-you look, Ted misses it and continues. "Tonight, the role of Pound-and-a-half Lobster will be played by..." 2002 Jen looks up from her menu. "I get it, Ted."

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