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Dear Show, remember on Friends when Ross and Rachel took a "break" from each other? I need that. So. Bad. And don't go all Rachel on me. You're already taking a break. Hiatus. Whatever. So if I go out this summer and kiss the Xerox girl (wait, I'm straight)... If I go out this summer and kiss the Xerox boy (wait, I'm married)... If I get involved with any of the shows our lovely and talented editorial staff selects for coverage come fall, I don't want any crap from you, Rachel-- I mean, Show. It's not me; it's you. No, I didn't get that backwards. Sure I've got my own stuff, like the end of Lost and my ongoing infatuation with The Vampire Diaries, but don't blame them. And don't blame me. I'm not the one who's changed; you have -- but not in any good way. And, for the record, I'm not the only one who thinks so. Here are some thoughts from our friends in the forums:

I'm not too concerned about meeting the mother, but I will admit that it's time to progress the story. In a weird way, I feel relieved that the writers stayed away from it during the second half of the season, since they were botching up so many things. [...] The pushing of Barney's Blog makes me think that they might be course-correcting the character. [Please. Please. Please. -- Cindy] Post-Robin Barney has been far too skeevy. The Barney I wanted to see was a laser-tagging, Liberty Bell licking, flight suit-upping lover of life who was more interested in the adventure than the conquest. If we get that back, I'll be much happier. -- Baraka

It was an okay episode, but some of the early flashbacks made me realize this show is it's own doppelganger...and I thought that was a huge FU from the writers to longtime fans. -- stonehaven

This is just crap. I didn't laugh once the entire episode. Which, sadly, I can say for the majority of the entire season [...] This show has turned into Friends. -- olywriter

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