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Hello. I Love You. Won't You Tell Me Your Name?

"Hey, Ted hit that for over a year."

Barney sees her point and walks off to Robin, asking Lily to wish him luck.

Ted has Stella over to watch Star Wars, but he's hoping way too hard that she'll love it and can't believe when she walks off to get a beer during the, "In a galaxy far, far away," opening sequence. Marshall pops up from behind the couch. "Off to a bad start!" When he adds that he's making sure his best friend is marrying the right woman, Ted tells him he really needs to get a job. Marshall agrees. I don't know. I think maybe Ted just needs to get a life that isn't solely focused on getting a wife.

At the restaurant, Barney is Mr. Sensitivity and Respectability, and Robin keeps waiting for gross, inappropriate Barney to appear, but he's on his very best behavior and says he thinks tonight's going to be "De...wait for it...lightful. Delightful!" She even sets him up a couple of times. "I went to the chiropractor the other day. That guy bent me over the table and pounded me for a good hour." Barney doesn't even flinch; he just hopes it was covered by her insurance. She tries again. She mentions she went to the dentist and that guy drilled her all day long. "He drilled me hard. He filled all my cavities." Nothing. "Come on, man." Barney simply replies that her teeth look fantastic. She yells, "Who are you?"

Ted watches Stella intently as she tries to watch the movie. She thinks he wants to get romantic but he starts telling her Star Wars fun facts. She gets that it's really important to him for her to like the movie, even though he tries to deny it. She finally banishes him to his bedroom. Marshall pops up from behind the couch, asking if he should leave, too, which causes her to scream. Ted rushes out thinking she's found a part she loves, and makes an ass out of himself, because apparently, that's the purpose of his relationship with Stella.

At Le Restaurant Bar, an extremely well-endowed waitress, in a low cut blouse, bends over in Barney's face as she pours the wine, and almost converts Neil Patrick Harris. What a trooper. Barney never takes his eyes off Robin, though. Robin snaps at him in disbelief. "Nothing? Not even a glance? I mean even I was thinking about rocking a motorboat on those bad boys. What the hell is wrong with you, Barney?" Don't you think she knows? Somewhere deep down inside, doesn't she have to know? Barney insists that he doesn't always want to be that guy, and asks Robin about herself. She confesses that there's a job at a new cable network that would be perfect for her, but she's decided not to apply, because she feels like a joke -- the scary news lady from the local channel. Oh Robin, you poor, poor Canadian. Our ways are so foreign to you -- so exotic. Don't you know that's how they all get their start. Then they get respectable. Then they end up back how they started, which lands them a cushy spot on The View, right Babs? But just like Lily knows Barney's more than a crass womanizer, Barney knows Robin is more than the Bogeyman with a teleprompter, and makes her promise to apply. Flattered and moved, she does.

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