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Hello. I Love You. Won't You Tell Me Your Name?

At his place, Ted's serving Stella a romantic dinner. She's impressed. "I know dudes think it's girlie for a guy to cook, but us ladies -- we find it mighty sexy."

Ted unties the back of his apron and swings the string. "Oh really, my grandma taught me how."

"Oh yes she did." Stella's feeling saucy.

He moves his face right down to Stella's. "I had a lot of time after school, to watch her cook, because I wasn't good at sports." Stella plays along, saying she's on fire, right now. I feel like I'm watching Elliot and J.D. I never realized how similar Ted's hairstyle is to Dr. Dorian's, whom Stella could use right now, because the secret ingredient in Ted's delicious pesto sauce isn't love, but peanuts, to which he -- of course -- doesn't know his beloved is deathly allergic. Stella keels over; the ambulance comes and I wish Turk was moonlighting, but no such luck.

Stella recovers and they're back at Ted's, where he's pumping her for information about herself, but she's too tired to play, on account of the fact that he tried to kill her. She just wants to go to sleep, and apparently spending time with her daughter is no longer the issue it once was. Ted draws a little more out of her -- her first kiss, her first serious kiss, her first intimate relationship. He teases her about being a prude for waiting until her sophomore year of college. She teases Ted about being a slut for having sex his junior year of high school and I'm bored with these two.

At Barney's (it's another day -- Lily's in different clothes), Lily encourages him to call Robin. NPH is growing a mustache and I can't decide whether or not I like it. It was working for me when he had the dark brown shirt on in the earlier scenes, but now he's in a more beige-toned shirt and he just looks unkempt. What's up with that, Neil? Robin's phone rings; Barney panics, let's out a high pitched, "Aaahheushuhaa," and hangs up, telling Lily that Robin wasn't there but he left a voice mail. Lily says, "You left a voice, but it wasn't male." Heh. Barney's hardly new to calling women, so Lily is puzzled as to why this is so tough. She missed the part where he's in love with Robin. Barney explains that booty calls are easy, and get shorter, as the hour grows late. By 3:00 AM, you can land one by sending just a question mark via text messaging. Lily's disgusted that Barney got laid by sending a question mark and punches him, again. See, Barney? Nothing good happens after 2:00 AM. Barney objects, saying the text message question mark is no worse than Lily's super obvious code words.

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