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Hello. I Love You. Won't You Tell Me Your Name?

At MacLaren's, Robin announces to Marshall, Lily, Ted, Barney, and me that she officially hates her job. She doesn't feel like a real reporter (probably because there no longer are any real reporters). She just shows up at night and scares people, sort of like the TWoP moderators. She calls herself, "The Bogeyman with a teleprompter." Remember when the recappers used to mod the forums, and some posters would blow long and hard about how hysterically funny the recaps were, even when they were just... well, like this weecap? Well, that's Barney, here. He laughs, repeats the joke, says it's hilarious and congratulates her. He looks around the table, because no one else is joining in. Intending no offense to Robin, Lily calls him on laughing too hard, saying it just wasn't that funny. Barney says, "Are you kidding? Smart, funny, beautiful -- the whole package. It's everything you're afraid to let yourself want." He remembers himself and adds, "...In a joke." Neil Patrick Harris is fantastic in this scene, by the way. He manages to let his vulnerability bubble up during that hasty confession, and you feel for Barney like he's someone other than Barney. He resumes laughing and Lily gives him her incredulous face, which is nothing like Willow's resolve face.

The next morning, Lily shows up at Barney's place, because he called and begged her to come over at 7:22 in the morning, and no I don't know if that means he called at 7:22 AM or if she's arriving at 7:22 AM, but I don't think it matters in their New York, because you can get everywhere in three minutes. NPH, by the way, looks like he spent the summer working out, and it agrees with me. Him. We. Us. Huh? He's all atwitter. He says he could tell Lily knew something was up with him and she's right. He turns from her as he says he can't tell her what it is. He then does his very best Gollum/Sméagol. "I should tell you. But I can't. But I have to. I never will. I'm going to. Let's just drop it. What's up with you?" Lily tells him to just say it. He closes his eyes and the dread he feels is plain as day. "I think I'm in love with Robin."

At Ted's (and Marshall's, and Lily's) Marshall tells Ted that Lily wants ideas for Stella's bridal shower gift. He asks if Stella likes to cook. Ted doesn't know. He asks her favorite color. Ted has no clue. Marshall asks if Stella has any hobbies. Ted says, "Yes! She's exactly the kind of person who would have hobbies. And interests, too. I am one lucky son of a bitch." I didn't know you could say son of a bitch on TV, now. I knew you could say bitch, but I didn't realize S.O.B. was S.O.P. for CBS's S&P. Who do they think they are -- TWoP?

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