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Hello. I Love You. Won't You Tell Me Your Name?

End tag: our favorite five are at MacLaren's, laughing and talking. Lily turns to Marshall and says, "Chimichanga," and he says they have to go. Barney throws his hands in the air; Robin and Ted smile and sort of shake their heads. And we're all out of show, which is too bad, because NPH really hit this one out of the park. He was believable and still faithful to Barney, throughout every scene, and nailed every emotion. He and Alyson Hannigan need more episodes like this. They're brilliant together. But neither of them is as good of an actor as that big old faker Robin Scherbatsky, who totally knows Barney's into her, and if her past leading up to her relationship with Ted is any indication, Barney's feelings are not unrequited.

How I Met Your Mother is so legendary that it has its own lexicon. Check out our list of the crazy verbiage that this show has brought unto the world.

Cindy McLennan is a wife, and a mother of three, so she has to wait 'til her kids are in bed to watch this dirty little show, which means she's now too tired now to tell you anything more about herself. Rest assured though, that her kids will never get to read this weecap. You can e-mail her at CynthiaMcLennan[at] She'll probably reply, unless her mother takes away her computer.

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