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Slap You Like a Hurricane

Barney's desperate to get rid of that damned ducky tie. So much so that he invents a ridiculous action-movie story where he gets held up at gunpoint by a guy in a fez and then uses the tie to save a small child, before a bird swoops off and takes the tie for a nest. When that doesn't work (because he's not clever enough to use a one of the thousands of other trash cans that aren't right next to MacLaren's), he starts begging and bribing Marshall to let him out of their deal. He even offers up a slap. Kevin analyzes Barney's motives for wanting the tie removed right now, turns out that he wants meet Nora's parents and doesn't want to look like an idiot. Therapisted! Not quite the same ring as Lawyered, but at this point, I'll take it. After some debate, Marshall and Lily decide to let Barney take off the ducks, for three slaps. Two of which get dispensed immediately, and two more that are hanging out for a rainy day.

Speaking of rainy days, the flashback is to reveal to Kevin why there is a sign on MacLaren's that bans boogie boarding in the bar. The story is long, as all of Ted's are (even though Kevin, god bless his sweet naïve soul, tries his best to keep the gang on track), and involves Hurricane Irene. When the major storm was working its way up the East Coast, Ted used his Boy Scout skills to gather an emergency backpack and a rental car so they can all get to his house in Westchester (which was still in the line of the storm, so not really sure what exactly he was thinking there). Barney tricks everyone into going to his apartment (where there is beer) and they all think it is well and good, until everybody's parents start calling. Well, except for Robin, unless you count Barney prank calling pretending to be her father. Which you probably shouldn't, because she got very upset by it.

So once they realize that they need to get away stat (and Ted offers up Barney's spot in the car to a hoochie girl named Maya) it is too late to evacuate the city and they are all stuck there. Marshall (who is without insurance for two weeks and has turned into Edgar Allan Poe, if the melancholy writer were paranoid about bears mauling him in the bathroom) is up Lily's butt because he's worried he'll die, but the duo end up in Barney's tub... conceiving their baby. WAY too much information, but their warm feelings about the conception point lead to them letting Barney off the hook with the stupid tie thing. Anyway, the next day they get out of the house and Marshall decides to go boogie boarding with a piece of debris he found in the road and ends up going through the front of MacLaren's. Hence, no boogie boarding.

One part of the story got left out, for Kevin's sake, which is that Barney and Robin nearly kissed when he apologized for being a jerk. The long awaited call from her actual father prevented their kissing. They both consider this a disaster averted (see the episode title). But as the two share a cab, there's no long-distance Canadian calls to stop them from sticking their tongues down each other's throats.

The Robin and Barney shippers will be happy, and since I hate Nora, I'm sort of happy, too, but I really feel bad for Kevin. I like Kevin. He's the voice of reason here, and points out the faults with everyone. Even if Robin breaks his little heart, can I keep him? To watch these episodes with me? He'd make it a lot more tolerable. Especially when we have to rehash the same plots over and over again with slightly different outcomes. Even the slaps, which are always fun, felt kind of played out. While the episode was okay because it focused on the core group, and not Ted's lovelife, it didn't really go anywhere. The highlight was an offhanded comment from Ted where he mentioned that he regretted not making more friends in college. Amen.

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