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This Place About to Blow

Now that Zoey is out of the picture (yay!), Barney and Ted bicker about who gets to blow up the Arcadian. But before that big explosion can happen, we find out that Ted ran into Zoey, and she's not fond of her new drug-dealing roommates and would like to get back together with Ted. Just say no, Ted. On the new GNB site, Chi McBride is the foreman and he sends Ted into a tizzy because of the light bulb pressure. So when Ted starts acting weird and leaves MacLaren's suspiciously one night, Robin sees on his forgotten phone that he's getting back with Zoey. She and Barney decide that that they have to stop him, so they find out where he's heading (Brooklyn) and get Ranjit to drive them there… because it's faster than taking a train (I love the mythical, traffic-free city they live in). On the way, they reminisce about how good they were together, but after tackling an orchid-loving Ted to stop him from getting back with Zoey, they realize this would be a horrible decision. And completely unoriginal storytelling, so good for someone on the writing staff for thinking that way.

Ted finally gets to press the button and knock down the Arcadian in some spectacularly awful blue screening (hope the cockamouse got out in time). Afterwards, Barney reunites with Nora on a street corner and she decides to hear him out (and ream him out), while Robin looks on all wistfully about the one that got away. Cut to that infamous wedding and Barney's the groom in the tux (and he must be crazed since he's asking Ted for fashion advice). So is he marrying Robin or Nora? If it's Robin, I take back the credit I gave to the writing staff before.

In the other big subplot, Lily buys Marshall soup from a place that gives them frequent food poisoning. Obviously, someone doesn't really care about the sanitary grade of a place that has a giant fuzzy cat on the counter. She also has the soup, and pukes a lot (starting at her job), and doesn't even have the sense to pull her hair back at all for it. Marshall is about three hours behind her, so he's eating all sorts of frivolous foods while he can. Lily freaks out that Marshall told the gang that she had food poisoning and now they are imagining her with all manner of digestive troubles (and Barney and Robin are having a field day with poop humor).

Naturally, Marshall gets his dream interview, and it is at 5 PM that very same day and can't possibly be postponed a day or two, and according to his schedule he's going to start puking at six. Dave Foley makes matters worse as he starts explaining in depth the truly disgusting environmental cases that involve carcasses and sewage and even pictures of his wife's water birth, for good measure. A few minutes to six, he panics, tells the potential boss that he's going to start shooting out of both ends, and goes screaming out of the office. So much for that dream job? Marshall heads back into the apartment, presumably well after six, unless the new job is actually next door (though given their neighborhood… it is possible), and he starts getting depressed about the sucky year that he's had. He lies down, and never gets the "food poisoning", because clearly Lily is pregnant, and if you didn't see that coming… then you've never watched television before.

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