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Swiper, No Swiping

In the cab, they realize that Barney isn't with them. He was in the bathroom sulking and coming up with some awesome thing to brag about, while they were getting kicked out. "Aw, man."

In the cab, Lily wonders why Zoey would just kick them out. The cab driver, who is currently driving and doesn't have a bulletproof separator between him and the backseat, which is so unlikely to happen in NY that I can't even believe it, asks them where they're heading. Ted says home, but the cabbie wants an address.

Barney sighs and sits on Zoey's couch. He misses her taking off her cranberry-covered sweater. In the cab, Ted wants to know where Lily picked up a little stuffed turkey. She swiped it from Zoey's. Swiper, no swiping! When did Lily get to be such a thief? She notices that the card says "Happy Turkey Day, Hannah. Love, Zoey." They put together that this must be the step-daughter and that the stepmother comment really was rude. Ted says they have to go back to Zoey's. Cabbie still wants an address. Couldn't they just say turn back to where he picked them up? Or were they wandering the streets?

In Zoey's dining room, the gang crowds around the table, and she jumps when she sees them. I'd jump, too, if this group of practical strangers broke into my house to eat my food. How'd they even get in? This huge apartment must have a doorman. Anyway, Barney let them in, and then she freaks more that Barney was in the apartment while she was wandering around half-naked. Now here's where I can't suspend my disbelief. I think Barney's got a sixth sense about boobs, and even as The Blitz, his innate boobometer would sense that they were out and his head would turn. You can't convince me otherwise.

Ted tells Zoey he's sorry that her stepdaughter bailed on her, and she says that it was supposed to be their first turkey day together, but the little brat changed her mind. OK, those are my words, not really hers. He gives her back the purloined turkey, in case Hannah comes next year. He says that people don't stay enemies forever. Gag. How cloyingly sweet.

Thankfully, Zoey sits down to eat and they decide to take a group picture to send to Wang guy. Robin primps accordingly. Zoey thinks the Turturkeykey looks awesome (it isn't). Steve hops up to light the candles, Barney looks away, and as Steve grabs for the matches, a Rube-Goldberg series of events leads to the top hat being flung on top of the Turturkeykey. "The Gentlemen." Barney tries to claim that he saw it. He didn't. "Aw, man."

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