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Ted is still stuck on the fact that his supposed friends hung out with Zoey. By friend law, at least in this universe, if a friend hates someone, everyone has to hate them. Ted hated Renee Zellweger at Lily's behest, only to realize she meant Reese Witherspoon. When Lily says she still does, because of You, Me & Dupree, he realizes that she really hates Kate Hudson, which only adds to his anger. Calm down, Ted. All this rage isn't good for your heart. He goes back to his Turturkeykey quest, but makes everyone go into the kitchen with him, so he doesn't miss anything. When he goes to preheat the oven, the door falls off. Apparently, while Ted was sleeping there was a drunken rave happening his kitchen and Zoey dared Robin to dance on the oven. Everyone looks very sheepishly at him.

When we get back from the commercial break, Ted's upset that they betrayed him and broke his oven on Thanksgiving. Also, per Barney, they used all his butter to grease up Lily to see how far down the hall they could get her to slide. All the way to 4G. He's impressed, but still angry.

Soon, they're all (including the Turturkeykey) squeezed into one cab (which cab drivers just LOVE) and heading to Barney's apartment. Steve is just happy to be included. Ted doesn't know if Barney's oven is deep enough; plus, it's made out of cardboard.

Back in the cab, they are heading to DOWISETREPLA, but there's been an explosion at the sewage treatment plant. The smell is so bad that the smaller turkey is crawling even further inside the bigger turkey. At Steve's (where he lives with his mom) the oven houses an extra litter box and a kitty named Ginger. In the cab, they realize that their only other option is to take Zoey up on her offer from the night before. She extended an invite, even to Ted, because her husband always spends the day with his daughter. (It was at this point that Zoey was painting KISS army makeup on Robin.)

As Ted is coming up with reasons why they shouldn't go, Marshall realizes that Barney is missing. Turns out Barney is in his own cab, telling the driver about the Blitz curse, when the driver tells him that he could be the Blitz. Barney is at Zoey's waiting for the gang, and when they pop out of the elevator they tell him he missed it. They're covered in streamers because their cab took a wrong turn and they ended up being in the Thanksgiving Day parade. Tony Bennett gave Ted the mic and he sang "Twist and Shout," Ferris Bueller style. Ted isn't the Blitz anymore, he's the Bueller, so the smoke transfers from Ted to Barney.

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