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Swiper, No Swiping
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In the fall of 2010, Ted's hosting Thanksgiving, and he's got the brainy idea to make a Turturkeykey, a twist on the Turkducken where he's placed a slightly smaller turkey inside a full-sized turkey. Robin saw the insertion of the smaller turkey, and it involved shoe-horns. She wisely opts to eat sides, and I can't say as I blame her. Ted decides to leave the mostly vacant bar a little early to tend to his Turturkeykey, but Barney warns him against it. It's the night before Thanksgiving, which is pretty much a holiday in Barneyland, when college girls come home, have their self-esteem demolished by their parents and then go out to the bar seeking solace in good old-fashioned alcohol. It's an annual tradition.

Marshall gives him another good reason for not heading out before the rest of the gang, if he leaves early, he could be come "The Blitz." The Blitz was a college pal of theirs who was sadly cursed.

Flashback to Ted and Marshall's dorm room, Hurley (a.k.a. Jorge Garcia, a.k.a. The Blitz) is sitting with the guys and saying he's going to head out early. But Marshall and Ted, eating "sandwiches," have big plans -- they're going to watch Apocalypse Now with Weird Al's greatest hits playing over it. Hurley opts out for his own planned Kraft/Croft night (Mac & Cheese and Tomb Raider). Frankly, I'm with Hurley on this one. But a minute after he leaves, a pretty blonde co-ed walks in clad only in a towel. She thinks it's her room, and then her towel slips.

The next day the two doofuses are telling Hurley all about the naked girl in their room. "Aw, man" is his reaction. Who is he, Swiper the Fox? And the movie was also awesome ("Aw, man!"), because when Brando appeared, Weird Al started singing "Eat It." "Aw, man!" OK, I'm liking the Blitz a little bit less every time he says that.

Ted voiceovers that the curse continued over the years. We see the gang at MacLaren's, and he's leaving to play Madden 2K1, but as he heads out the door, the tap breaks at the bar and there's free beer to be had. The next morning, "Aw, man."

In the present, Marshall says that he should leave, just not to blame them if he becomes The Blitz. He doesn't believe that the curse is real, but he is wrong. There's yearbook evidence. Steve (a.k.a. the Blitz, a.k.a. Hurley, a.k.a. Jorge) got the curse from a guy named Jerry Windheim, who in turn got the curse from Davey Beaterman, who got it from the original Blitz, aptly named Matt Blitz. The OG Blitz, he dropped out of Wesleyan right before the school went co-ed.

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