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So, first of all, hi, I'm here. Cindy McLennan left us, and went to a better place (that place being one in which she can enjoy this show when it's good and not care when it's bad because she's not stuck with it; oh, and also, that place is Vampire Diaries, duh). Saget!Ted tells his kids (his daughter's now on Nikita, if you didn't notice) there are two big days in any love story: the day you meet the girl of your dreams and the day you marry her (you know, unless you don't dream about girls). Flash "a little ways down the road..." to a wedding, with a marquee out front that says, "To every thing there is a season." Because funeral sayings are always nice greetings at weddings. [They are when they're a sly comment form the showrunners that this season is the one we've been waiting for. - Zach] Anyway, so the assumption here is that we're at Ted's wedding, which is odd since we haven't even seen that first day yet, of his meeting. Ted's sitting in a tux when Marshall joins him and gives him a beer. Ted thanks Marshall for fixing church, and then Marshall asks Ted if he's nervous, since he's peeling his beer label.

A quick side swipe takes us to the present, where Ted's grading papers at MacLaren's and peeling his beer label. Barney joins him with a sad, sad story about New York: He just saw a girl in a sweater! That means the season of exposed skin is over. No more tank tops, cute skirts or sun dresses. Ted tells him he needs to work, but first Barney riddles him about sun dresses -- clearly Barney's favorite women's clothing. Barney notices Ted's getting peely with his beer label and asks what he's nervous about. Ted finally admits there's a hot girl at the bar, saying "DON'T look," but Barney does with a quick, obvious, evil Gollum turn toward her. Then he turns back and tells Ted there's nothing to be nervous about with this one. Why? "Dibs." Oh, that Barney is a rascal. Ted doesn't think it's fair for Barney to call dibs on a girl he's been thinking about all night, because his dibs were implied. Barney scoffs about "Implied dibs?" and starts to make up a story about dib inventor Sir Walter Dibs. But Ted has no time for a fake history lesson, so he'll see Barney in court. But Barney calls dibs on Marshall as his lawyer.

You might wonder where Marshall and Lily are, and if you are Saget!Ted's kids you will be told creepy stories about your aunt and uncle wanting to make a baby. They have the candles and the music to set the mood (soft sounds) and the music for actual baby-making time (banjo music). Lily's readying it all at home and Marshall's getting ready to leave work.

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