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The Final Countdown

Next day, Ted's reading a book about the "25" greatest bridges when Robin comes in after her third day of work. And, guess what? She raspberries and thumbs-down again. Cut to her talking about a fertilizer story and Sandy cutting her off: "Is Sherpoopy pitching a story about manure?" What's with all the manure this week, anyway? First on Desperate Housewives, and now here. Is it like network television's version of the Rae Dawn Chong Challenge? And do I win for noticing? One of the guys who laughs at Sandy's joke is reading a sports magazine about the greatest player in basketball, whose jersey number is "24." Robin says they've all had a few slips in their career, and Sandy's ears perk up: "A few?" She tries to say it was just the one, but Sandy's people dig up everything, including the Robin Sparkles stuff, some familiar clips that say she's on channels "23" and "22," her incontinence commercial, and a video of an owl attacking Robin (which Ted's never even seen, much to his chagrin). Robin tells Ted she can't steer into the skid, because she's already crashed and wishes she'd never taken this job. Saget!Ted says he knew what he had to do for Robin, but first he had to do something for him. He opens his laptop and Googles "owl attack." He starts laughing, but we don't get to see it. Lame.

Marshall's in Dr. Stangel's office, freaking out at the possibility that he might not be able to have kids. Dr. Stangel, in front of a daily calendar that's on "21," tells him they won't know until they get a sperm sample. He tells Marshall to go to the room down the hall, which is labeled as private and room "20." A guy comes out and tells Marshall the room's all his. Which is no good, because when Marshall tries to do his business, in front of a rack of nudie mags, one called Nekkid that has a countdown of "19" somethings (I can't read it well, but I think it says "naughty girls"), he keeps picturing the guy who was there before, and all the others. So he can't do it. He asks Dr. Stangel if he can go home, and Stangel says he can if he's back in an hour.

Marshall rushes home, and into their apartment, which is number "18," to find Lily and his parents. Uh-oh. Not exactly conducive to masturbation, although it doesn't seem to stop most teenage boys, I guess. Marshall takes Lily into the kitchen and shows her the cup, labeled "1716," and she gets it. So she flashes her cleavage at him and says she'll keep his parents occupied. She doesn't even really seem to try, though, as Marshall's mom keeps standing outside the bathroom door telling him about her new bathing suit and asking him to just picture it; and his dad keeps standing out there talking about a football player named "Cox."

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