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The Final Countdown

MacLaren's. Lily and Marshall are filling Ted and Barney in on the fertility problem (they manage to work in a high-five after he says they've had unprotected sex 203 times in the past four months). Marshall says he's obviously the problem, but Barney says that's the dream. He'd give his first born to not be able to have children. Robin comes in, and Ted asks about her second day of work. She raspberries and thumbs-downs again. Is that a thing? Because it's weird and obnoxious. Cut to her bad day. She talks to the news team as a TV behind her says first that the stock market is up "35.34" points and then "33" miners are rescued from a collapsed mine. Sandy then loudly repeats that they definitely had sex, because why else would he remember her? Cut back to Robin and the lottery numbers on the TV: "32" "31" "30" "29" 28" 27." Dude, what are the chances? She protests the sex accusation, and says he might remember her for being smart, talented and professional. Then he remembers that they didn't have sex, but she's the girl who slipped and fell in horse poop while doing a report on a carriage. Robin's like, "Oh, I remember, we did have sex." But Sandy's already summoned the footage, which they all watch together. There must not be much news if this is what their news meetings devolve into. [You should see our news meetings. - Zach] The gang at MacLaren's laughs, too, especially when Robin tells them her new nickname is "Sherpoopy." She doesn't think it's funny (which is incorrect, because the word "poopy" is always funny). Ted tells her to play along, just like when your car skids on the ice: Steer into the skid. Barney turns this into a "why to play laser tag with Barney" moment, and everyone rolls their eyes.

Marshall's phone rings. It's his dad, reading a book about "26" home improvement shortcuts. But Marshall won't answer. Ted and Barney wonder why, since Marshall tells his dad everything. But Marshall says he only likes to tell his dad good news, because it helps make it real. Cut to him telling his dad about a bunch of good things and his dad screaming in happiness: He's getting married! He passed the bar! He found an awesome Viking lamp! He found someone who could fix it! Marshall doesn't know how to tell his dad that he might not be able to give him a grandchild. Barney shows him how: Give him the good news (he's a laser tag champion), then the bad (my sperm don't work). He says his dad will totally focus on the laser tag thing.

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