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Who's Your Daddy?

Robin goes to Barney's and asks if he felt like she needed him when they were dating. He nonchalantly says, "No. I didn't feel like you needed me at all." She's about to leave sad, when he tells her that's a compliment since most girls are so needy. He tells her no guy's going to say "Who's your daddy?" to Robin because she's her own daddy. And mommy. And "weird survivalist uncle who lives in a cabin in the woods blaming stuff on the government." He says that's what makes her the most amazing, strong, independent woman he's ever banged. She thanks him sincerely, then asks who the hell that crazy woman in the apron is behind him. The woman tells him he left his toys on the floor and needs to be spanked. Barney tells Robin that he managed to complete the challenge. Flash back to the night before, when he gobbled down ice cream after admitting defeat. This lady asked him for some and he acted like a sullen brat, all "It's mine!" She told him someone needs to teach him to share and then asked who his mommy is. Barney high-fives Robin and asks her to get this scary freak out of his place. She's totally got this.

Lily and Marshall are back at Stuart and Claudia's. They've decided on a name. They explain that she had a fever and the emergency room wouldn't admit her without a name. So they looked at each other and just knew: Esther. Marshall almost chokes, given the crazy things stripper Esther can do. Back in bed, Lily and Marshall realize they're idiots and that they have no control whatsoever over any of this. Marshall says he just wants a happy, healthy, 12-pound... But Lily cuts him off with a "Woah!" Marshall: "10 pound?" She shakes her head. "8 pound?" She says okay, but doesn't seem thrilled. He tells her he loves her and will love the crap out of their baby. She agrees. So they decide to choose a name for either a boy or a girl, and they say Jamie in unison. They're all excited about it. Then Lily shows up at MacLaren's with paint handprints on her ass and says, "Not Jamie!"

Tag: Ted ties Becky's shoe in the park as she licks an ice cream cone. He notices a dad doing the same for his ice cream-eating little girl next to him. He stands up and says, "Yeah, this is over." The ice cream falls off her cone, and she looks all pouty.

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