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Murder House And The Almost-Spouse
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We find Ted where we left him last week, standing under the yellow umbrella, waiting for the light to change, waiting for his life to change. But it's more of the same for our boy Teddy, because the leggy woman who approaches him is none other than Stella. Ted turns on the cheer and charm and lies that it's great to see her. And then? She's joined by Tony, her baby daddy and ex -- the very guy who recaptured her heart and inspired her to leave Ted at the altar. Ted keeps smiling. "What a nice surprise!" And we cut to...

MacLaren's: Robin is disgusted that Ted opted for a friendly chat rather than a verbal onslaught, but Barney, Marshall and NOBODY give Ted a standing ovation. Marshall explains to Robin that playing it cool is exactly what Ted should have done, considering the wide range of responses Ted could have had. We flash to the low end of the scale in Marshall's imagination, where Ted sobs as he confesses to Stella that he kept one of her sweaters, and sometimes he just sits in the tub and sniffs it. No. Really. I can't make this stuff up. Back in the real world, Marshall describes the high end of the scale as we flash again to his imagination. Stella and Tony stand under her blue umbrella. Ted stands under the yellow umbrella with his new fiancée (also played by Sarah Chalke, wearing a beret and holding a poodle). Imaginary Ted says, "She's basically Stella, except she's French, and as you can see, she's got enormous cans." Imaginary-French-Stella sticks out her chest and her hand as she says, "Enchantée." Imaginary-American-Rain-Bedraggled-Stella shakes her hand limply and mopes, while Tony lights up like a Christmas tree, kisses French-Stella's hand and returns the greeting. Imaginary Ted and French-Stella giggle and we flash back to...

MacLaren's. Marshall thinks Ted nailed it. And Barney says he probably got Stella thinking. "Give it a week. You'll get her back... and her front!" He then trembles in his seat as if from the "What-Up Quake" he's caused, and Marshall gives him a high-five. Although Ted laughs at Barney's antics, he wants neither side of Stella. He just wants to move on. He raises his glass to that idea. The gang toasts, and we cut to...

Ted's apartment: Even though he meant what he said about moving on, Ted imagines Stella knocking on his door and begging for him to take her back, with promises that they'll have way more sex than ever before. His fantasy is interrupted by an actual knock on the door, which pulls Ted out of his daydream. Could it be? Nah. He opens the door to find... Tony.

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