House of Cards
Chapter 22

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We Didn't Come Here to Make Friends

We open in Freddy's rundown apartment. He's preparing for his day before the sun even comes up and sirens are ringing in the background. He wrings his hands, so we know he's got limited time working that grill. He says hello to all the neighbors on his way to the BBQ joint. It's a pleasant little morning routine -- minus the blaring sirens -- but when he gets to work, he finds Claire's scandalous tabloid cover and rips it up to use as kindling on the grill. He's loyal to the Underwoods to a fault.

But they could use some loyalty right about now. They've narrowed down the possible sources of Claire's naked, sleeping photo and they're almost positive it was Remy. Claire says she can handle the problem, thinking she can just call up Adam Galloway and have him squash it. Frank agrees, telling the camera that this is Claire's wound and only she can stop the bleeding. Translation: only she knows how to manipulate Adam.

At Freddy's, he's negotiating a deal with the franchise guy from the last episode, one that gives him control over staff and branding. Freddy's got his first issue: the restaurant looks purposely run-down with peeling linoleum. He's unhappy that "white folks can act like they're slumming it" at the new Silver Springs location, but he signs away his rights anyway.

Claire immediately gets on the phone with Adam to feed him the cover story: they worked together and are friends. Thassit. She also needs him to deny taking the photo and to destroy all of his copies. He agrees, but it's clear he misses her. He saw her CNN interview and muses at how strange it is that this is the first time they've spoken. He's got a new lady -- Inez from Bogota -- but he's clearly still all about Claire.

Back in his neighborhood, Freddy walks to an apartment building and some guys outside tell him he has to buy blow or crack to get into the building. He tells them to get the "fuck out of my way" because he's old and doesn't mess around. It turns out that he's headed out to his son Darnell's apartment. Freddy is there to offer Darnell and his son Deshawn a house; Freddy wants to use his earnings to help his grandson live a better life and he'll even keep on living in his crappy apartment just to give Darnell and Deshawn space. But Darnell isn't hearing it and he tells Freddy, the sweetest old man alive, to get out of his apartment.

At the Underwood residence, Frank is calling President Walker to inform him about the scandal and their subsequent game plan. Walker offers to go on record saying that it's false and Frank says he shouldn't sully himself with the issue, but what he's really saying is that he doesn't want the President to lie for him. Just then, Adam gives a press conference denying taking the photo, and Claire seems pleased as she and Frank prepare for their own press conference. She wishes Frank was more hurt by this situation, but let's be real: they're way to focused on the prize to have hurt feelings right now.

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