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Just To Watch Him Die
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Tate is now a double-hostage, having been taken hostage so Ellen will go back to exactly where they've always had her, which is what happens in every episode of this show. Ellen figured out Duncan's a Special Agent with the FBI, but what she doesn't know is that Duncan is a triple-hostage: The Conspiracy will kill him if Ellen doesn't complete the mission, he's working toward some medical quackery he believes will cure his wife's leukemia, and he's now moonlighting on the Secret Service taskforce investigating the President's botched surgery and the weird murders surrounding it. Tate beat up Duncan's brother-in-law Beardy during his daring non-escape, and got himself shot in the abdomen for real.


Duncan: "I have to save this man from the gunshot wound I inflicted on him minutes ago!"
Sandrine: "That's literally what is going on right now?"
Duncan: "I know! It's very exciting."


Jake: "On the one hand, I do hate being a hostage. On the other hand, as members of this family we should do whatever fucks everything up worse."
Morgan: "You're right. Let's not get on this bus."
Jake: "That we don't have tickets for anyway."


Beardy: "If we don't save this man that beat me up and you shot, he will die!"
Duncan: "I know! It's very exciting."

Beardy and Duncan have an exchange also, once every scene, wherein it is discussed that they can't find Archer, where is Archer. Where is Archer? We still don't know. Last time we saw him, I think he was after Tate-as-Ellen in that thrilling Volvo car-chase, which means he should be with Duncan. Duncan needs to keep his shit together a bit better, I think.

Sandrine: "How about some fist in your stomach hole!"
Tate: "Fine, but I'm not telling you anything! Such as where my kids are, or my wife."
Ellen: "Did somebody mention me? I came back. Even though this was exactly the plan we already agreed on."
Duncan: "I knew I could count on you to do the opposite of whatever smart thing you are ever about to do."
Ellen: "It is because I am a good wife and mother!"
Sandrine: "Where are your children?"
Ellen: "I left them to their own devices after making them cut each other up."

Ellen: "Assuming my dipshit kids don't immediately come back here for no reason, like I did for example, Tate is the only leverage you've got left."

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