Suspicious Minds

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Suspicious Minds
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Ellen enlisted the First Lady to smuggle her husband's bone marrow out of the hospital on the big day, using the lie that he might have some vague genetic marker for dementia that might one day lead to massive corporate deregulation that would eventually become a conservative value on par with institutionalized white privilege and controlling women's bodies. While Vanessa was setting Colonel Blair up to look fishy to his own Conspiracy, Duncan figured out that Sandrine was working with G-Man to murder everybody in the endgame, and then Blair took Duncan's wife hostage to make sure nobody screwed up.


Nina still thinks this is all part of Duncan's big plan to take her hostage so she won't stop him from taking everybody else hostage. Her faith in Duncan is as touching as it is misplaced, resting as it does on the twinned axioms that A) Anybody is listening to Duncan Carlisle at this point and B) anyone has been listening to Duncan Carlisle at any point.

NSA Spook: "Stand here in this gorgeous mansion while I take off your blindfold."
Soy-Soy: "Don't bullshit a bullshitter. What's the con here?"
Nina: "Is this normal protocol? Is this how my husband Duncan Carlisle normally does things?"
NSA Spook: "I would assume so, if that were what's going on. Please just chill."
Nina: "Nina Carlisle chill? Not even on Martha Stewart's first day out of prison, chowderhead."

He gives her some flowers to hang-dry and arrange and sits Soy-Soy down with an iPad to watch her dumb Ken Burns documentaries she's into, and they settle right down.


Brian: "Your boyfriend Duncan Carlisle is so thoughtful. He gave us new identities! Driver's licenses, passports, some random house in Florida..."
Ellen: "I guess with a new identity there is no way for me to get my sister out of that mental institution. Or to practice surgical medicine, my only true love besides Duncan Carlisle."
Brian: "So you'll go to California with Jake..."
Ellen: "And you'll go to Florida with Morgan like you fucking deserve..."
Brian: "And then later on I guess we'll... Meet up?"
Ellen: "Yeah, I guess so. Or whatever. However it falls out. I mean we'll see."
Brian: "Are you saying you want a divorce?"
Ellen: "I'm saying I want my new identity to be an unmarried woman."

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