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Ellen Sanders and her family are hostages! Of Duncan Carlisle, who is a hostage of cancer and also the White House Chief of Staff. She and the children escaped for about five seconds, but then each member of the family sabotaged their escape individually, so now they are back being hostages. Her husband is shot in the gut and there's still almost two weeks left before she has to kill the President again, but I'm betting she will screw that up too.

Meanwhile, Nurse Angela who we thought died, died. This non-surprise twist in a surprise we never knew about in the first place was treated as though it were every bit as shocking as Duncan's revelation that Ellen is a serial killer who likes to stab people and then watch 'em bleed out. A thing that, once revealed, made her selection for this murder plot much more understandable, both to her and to us. If you knew the story of her stabbing rapists and holding them captive until they died -- a thing that is no big deal to her -- you too might think she could handle the basics of this show and avoid fucking everything up, every time, for absolutely everybody involved.

You would be wrong.


Ellen: "Family meeting. I have decided to murder the President of the United States."
Family: "Is this a joke or something?"
Ellen: "You tell me. I trust Duncan Carlisle okay?"
Duncan: "I am super trustworthy. Note how I never lie, and you always do, and then I shoot your husband in the gut."

Tate: "Was that a lie, though? Seriously."
Ellen: "Let's say yes but honestly, I have no idea."


Sandrine: "Where is my money so people will stop kidnapping me? And where is Archer."
Duncan: "Archer is in jail. I set him up for reasons."
Sandrine: "But what about my money? You know I'm not gonna drop this."
Duncan: "I know. You are a real drag with that."

Beardy: "Was Sandrine just in here talking about money some more? That is like her main deal."
Duncan: "I know. It's like she doesn't care about my fantasy cancer drugs at all."
Beardy: "I think you should pay her off. She tends to get kidnapped and beat up."
Duncan: "Whatever you do, don't help me with this situation."

Ellen's crazy sister drives up in a taxi and lets herself in with her key. The exact opposite of what you should do if your sister's family is being held hostage by a rogue FBI Agent, FYI. She is from Broadway. If you are wondering why a great stage actor is on this crappy horrible show, feel free to ask anybody else who is also on this show. They are all great actors who have made a bad decision.

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