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Ellen decided it was probably cool to just eff around with a national conspiracy, and poisoned the President as something of a shenanigan. This had dire consequences for Dylan McDermott's ridiculous FBI Agent Duncan, who microchipped her family and eventually had her best friend disappeared. He made it seem like a punishment, but really it was more of a desperation move, because if Ellen does not do this thing then probably everyone on the show will be murdered by the Illuminati or whoever is running this show that has ever angle covered (except for the one angle of how to make this lady stop dicking around and kill the President already). Meanwhile, Ellen's husband Tate Donovan is dating just the worst girl.


Aide: "When somebody accidentally poisons you and then commits suicide, we start looking like Russia."
President: "You're right. Ellen Sanders is fired."
Quentin Creasy: "That will not be good for my conspiracy, sir."
President: "But for no real reason, I want a new doctor. Probably a guy one."


Duncan: "Have fun at the art fair today, and I will see you when I am done with taking this family hostage. It is very important for America."
Ellen: "Cool, I'm going to kidnap your daughter or do something else insane."

Duncan: "Oh, did you hear that? My bad. Ellen, you seem perturbed."
Ellen: "I'm still kind of upset that you killed my friend. And also took us hostage."
Duncan: "I thought I had your brain washed! Oh well."

He takes Archer into the den so they can talk about whether or not they actually killed the nurse or just made Ellen think it. Spoiler alert, maybe they did or maybe they didn't. One of the two.

Ellen: "Tate, while you're at work google art fairs."
Tate: "How come? Are we going to the art fair?"
Ellen: "Yes. To take the daughter hostage of the guy who took us hostage."
Tate: "I'm sure we can pull that off no problem."
Ellen: "Yes, competence is one of the things that unites us. I will call you at exactly 11:15 to find out where his daughter is, but remember not to actually tell me because they can hear our phone calls."
Tate: "Okay, at 11:15 you call me and I won't tell you anything."
Ellen: "We are so good at this!"

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