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Because Of Winston Churchill
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Hoffman brought in Tate for another "Are you okay?" panic room conversation, because he has magic powers and has figured out the entire Conspiracy somehow. We learned that the First Lady's sister, Vanessa, is at the top of the Conspiracy with Colonel Blair of the NSA, and that their stake involves Operation Total Information, a PRISM situation the POTUS inherited and now wants to personally Snowden as a PR move. And to figure out the leverage the Conspiracy's got over Duncan -- in partial hope, I think, of saving him as well as her family -- Ellen went after his wife Nina. Things escalated after that point.


Ellen: "Sorry about this but I have to murder your wife with morphine!"
Duncan: "That is really rude!"
Ellen: "Taking other people's spouses hostage is really rude and I'm glad you realize that!"
Duncan: "I see what you are saying but it doesn't change things! She is nice!"
Ellen: "You know who was nice was my best friend Nurse Angela!"
Duncan: "Sorry about that also! You know who is not nice though is the President!"
Ellen: "You can't just decide people are too naughty to live! Only Santa Claus has that power! It is in the Constitution!"

Nina's actual doctor comes in and yells at them for dicking with her morphine, and they play nice. Even though Ellen is super famous and also a doctor, for some reason he doesn't find this situation notable. Just irritating. Another interesting thing that goes by the wayside is that Nina has magical nano-machine blood that cures cancer. Ironic at the very least.

Ellen: "Fine, sorry I was so grouchy. But since you mentioned it, why is the President evil exactly?"
Duncan: "It is a long boring story. Right now you should go home, where we have just murdered your daughter's gross boyfriend."
Ellen: "It's gonna be rough pretending that's sad."


Tate: "Why would you think my family is Hostages on CBS Mondays at 10/9c?"
Hoffman: "I just kind of figured it out based on the thinness of the President's blood."
Tate: "Well, that is a ridiculous idea. If you tried to make a TV show of it they would laugh at you."
Hoffman: "My bad. You can go. But I still think you are hostages."
Tate: "Think what you like. I have to go get shot or beaten up or something probably."

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