Invisible Leash

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This Wheel Shall Explode
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Gifted (mostly with unnecessary swag) FBI hostage negotiator-by-day Duncan Carlisle put those skills to off-books use by taking hostage the entire family of Dr. Ellen Sanders, a DC surgeon scheduled to operate on the President of the United States. It couldn't happen at a better time, really, considering how quickly her family is falling apart: The son's on the hook for a grand to drug dealers, the daughter might be pregnant, and the husband is rascally Tate Donovan, who obviously is having an affair. Only a last-minute (and bad-ass) Hail Mary -- in the form of "accidental" Heparin in POTUS's IV -- helped Ellen postpone the murder, but now she's probably in bigger trouble than ever.


We pick up immediately on the heels of Ellen's into-the-camera declaration of war -- "I don't give up that easily," she intones, staring intensely into the camera slash Duncan Carlisle's soul -- which she immediately regrets.

Ellen: "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck Duncan please pick up and if you have a second if you could you tell me if you just murdered my family or..."
Secret Service: "Dr. Sanders? Did you seriously think you were just going to walk out of here? Come on, we have to debrief the shit out of you."

Ellen's wonderfully twitchy as they escort her into the building, and then shifts into hyper-comforting when the nurse in the most trouble approaches them.

Angela: "I am so screwed, Ellen, I can't believe they..."
Ellen: "I promise you that you did not do this. You are not to blame. Everything is..."
Secret Service: "Ma'am? We're doing something here?"
Ellen: "Okay, Angela I gotta go. Please stop freaking out, okay?"

Agent Hoffman: "Dr. Sanders. Have a seat so I can stare at you for a long time. Don't worry about the hot guy in the corner, he doesn't matter right this second."
Ellen: "Is the President okay? I sure hope so!"
Hoffman: "Yeah, he's fine. Thanks to you. But I'm going to act real sketchy anyway."
Ellen: "Whatever you need. I'm anxious to get home and look for my family's dead bodies, but you know, take your time."
Hoffman: "You seem to think this is all just some kind of accident?"
Ellen: "I mean, what kind of asshole would kill the President? Am I right?"
Hoffman: "Who had access to him today?"

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