Hail Mary

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Live Together, Die Also Together
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Ellen creeped on Soy-Soy at school, eventually figuring out Duncan's whole career and identity. Ellen's daughter, whose name I believe is Morgan, reaped the benefits of dating down when her erstwhile abortionist called the authorities due to her hostage-related bumps and bruises. Beardy and Sassafrass cheated a cute hedge funder out of his poker winnings in a pretend heist, brutally beating one of the security guys in the process. Duncan is still pretending to search for Nurse Angela -- despite having killed her eleven times -- and put Archer in jail for reasons that are his own. Tate got shot in the tum-tum, and the Sanders Family Stockholm Syndrome abated enough that they want to murder Duncan.


Soy-Soy: "Daddy, I love it when you carry me up and down the stairs because I don't know what fun is. But why is it always so dark in this house? And where is Uncle Beardy?"
Duncan: "Who knows? I hope not doing drugs."

Priest: "What are your sins?"
Beardy: "All kinds of things!"

Grandpa: "I never thought my son Beardy was cool enough to take hostages! But then, nobody is as cool as you, Duncan Carlisle."
Duncan: "Well, just yesterday he fucked up majorly but brutally, so that's good."

Beardy: "My sister has cancer and I have been tricked into helping her husband buy magic beans for it, through violence."
Priest: "That sounds like Jesus is pretty cool with that. But tell me more."

Grandpa: "Let's talk in vague terms about vague things."
Duncan: "Done."
Grandpa: "Worst case scenario, Soy-Soy goes to live on a farm upstate with somebody named Leslie, with lots of money to spend on the things Soy-Soy loves best."
Duncan: "I too will go to live on a farm upstate, but it will be a metaphor."
Grandpa: "Can we trust Ellen? To be brainwashed, I mean. We still have eight episodes before anything actually happens, so you have tons of time."
Duncan: "She is like nobody I have ever met, in terms of how she is a serial killer and also keeps dicking everything up. I just have to get her away from her husband! I will do it through friendship."

G-Man: "That snarky PD that wants to help Malik keeps wanting to do that!"
Duncan: "Why didn't you kill everybody like we said?"

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