Fight or Flight

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The Physical Impossibility of Being 2 Legit
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Ellen decided to kill the President and kiss Duncan Carlisle, and then realized both of those things are crazy people things for a person to do, so she changed course yet again. And while Duncan Carlisle will not be pleased about that, I'm guessing he will feel more drags on his super-coolness from what Tate Donovan did next. Which was to call Nina Carlisle and tell her not only that she is the child of rape, but that her husband is a torturer and kidnapper and stealer of brainwashed daughters. All of which came as a surprise to Nina, who just thought he was kind of a douchebag.

Meanwhile, Sandrine is going to blow up everybody on Team Duncan after the President is dead, details forthcoming. Vanessa is just using the hapless Colonel Blair to further her deadly nonsense, which now includes killing the President and then becoming Vice President of the current Vice President, and then presumably killing him to become President. And then she is presumably using her powers as Commander-in-Chief to kill as many people as possible because it is what she loves best. But the best part was definitely when Tate Donovan called up a stranger with stage IV leukemia, just to yell at her about a bunch of stuff that is not really her problem.


Nina: "Even through the phone, Tate Donovan has a cheeky charm. A certain sparkle. Now, what's this about taking his family hostage? Why would you do that? Especially to Tate Donovan?"
Duncan: "Just go to bed or I will take you hostage. I am on a roll, and you are weakened by illness."
Nina: "I am not comfortable with this. The only thing worse than cancer is not having cancer, if it comes via killing a rapist through intrigue and deception."
Duncan: "He has a body full of magic beans that are just going to waste, then."
Nina: "So make a magical gazpacho, motherfucker. Nina's goin' ghost."

Nina grabs her bug-out bag full of scarves, and contemporary casuals, and tailored shirts, and playful cashmere wraps and, gets the fuck on up outta there.


Spokane: "I put bombs all over everything. It took an entire episode."
G-Man: "What is the plan?"
Stoatface: "You will give me money. And passports."
G-Man: "No I know that, honey. I mean, what is Duncan's plan for the two-hour finale?"

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