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Colonel Blair was playing a dangerous game! It was called "kidnap Duncan Carlisle's bitching wife," and the twist is that nobody wins. And nobody knows that more than Duncan Carlisle, who cannot win for losing at this point in the story, so he hooked up with Vanessa Moore -- girlfriend of the NSA, sister of a dead Presidential hopeful and the FLOTUS, former mistress of the POTUS, and all-around Murderer of People -- to see about getting the head of the NSA killed before he ruin Duncan and Ellen's plan to not kill the President and not get killed, by doing both of those things. Ellen was given an innocuous smoke grenade to detonate innocuously during surgery, and Archer re-abducted the formerly un-abducted Sanders family, after first contracting with some adorable anarchists for them to do actual shenanigans.


Duncan: "Are you ready to not kill the President?"
Ellen: "I was born ready to not do that. Except for my brief brainwashing period."
Duncan: "Okay, here is the plan for you to leave town after this happens. What you need to do is, leave town. That's it, that's the plan."
Ellen: "Of all the Duncan Carlisles in the world, Duncan Carlisle, you are the Duncan Carliliest."


Brian: "Archer I don't know how else to tell you this but you are fucked. No offense, but my wife is not going to kill the President. And I think you might know more about this, if you hadn't suddenly turned into a big ol' Sandrine in front of Duncan Carlisle, apropos of nothing, talking about your money and warning of the bloodbath of you not getting your money."
Archer: "How do I know you're telling the truth?"
Brian: "Because you thought Jake was murdered but really he was getting spa treatments in this cute cottage upstate? The exact opposite of dying young?"
Archer: "Duncan wouldn't change the plan! If Ellen doesn't kill the POTUS we are all in trouble. You, me, even Soy-Soy."
Brian: "Then I guess you better shift ya ass, huh? Because it's happening."
Archer: "But I want my money! That money I'm never going to get, I want it!"
Brian: "When you got stupid, dude, you got all the way stupid."
Archer: "It's kind of racist. It will lead to my death."


Anarchist: "How will we know who our contact is?"

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