Burden Of Truth

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Can You Hear The Horses?
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Morgan's bus depot injuries aroused the suspicions of her guidance counselor, which aroused the suspicions in turn of her gross boyfriend, whose decision to save her from an abusive situation that was actually a hostage situation ended up with him dead -- boo hoo -- and Morg-Morg's brainwashing bond with Duncan Carlisle stronger than ever. G-Man murdered Agent Hoffman because it was the only way to end his bizarre fixation on Nurse Angela's disappearance and the Case of the Very Thin Blood.

First Sister-In-Law Vanessa Moore continued her unbroken bad-assery streak by murdering the Chief of Staff, in the middle of a White House Ambassador's Dinner, in front of everybody, like it was no big deal. Ellen figured out Nina Daly Carlisle was the President's daughter, and in need of his magical marrow, but he'll have her killed faster than stage IV leukemia if he ever learns of her existence.


Ellen: "Are you shitting me."
Duncan: "No. If he finds out Nina and I exist, we're dead."
Ellen: "But so why assassinate him?"
Duncan: "That was going to happen either way. At least now I can steal from his bones."
Ellen: "What about Archer and Smashmouth and the other one? Do they know..."
Duncan: (Sad face emoticon.)
Ellen: "You lied to them too? What is this world coming to."
Duncan: "You should definitely lie to your family also. We can have a secret sexy club."
Ellen: "I see your point."

Ellen: "But I'm so worried about your welfare, Duncan Carlisle! Surely you can pull an FBI string or two and get out of this pickle you're in."
Duncan: "I ... can't, but also did you miss the part where it saves my dying wife?"
Ellen: "Fuck that. I will tell the President tomorrow if that's okay. Or the Chief of Staff."
Duncan: "Good luck with either of those. I just received a text message that Quentin Creasy was murdered in front of an entire party somehow."


Ellen goes upstairs for her usual scene where she and Tate Donovan get each other very confused about what is going on, and Duncan heads over to Gramps's house for same.

Duncan: "Oh my God and on my way here Agent Hoffman got murdered too? My phone is blowing up with good news that makes me sad!"

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