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Dig Your Own Hole

Nina: "Hey, my mysterious problem seems to have cleared up. Now I'm just roaming this hospital looking like a lifestyle guru from Connecticut."
Duncan: "I'm so glad you don't have your problem that you had before. Maybe it forgot."
Nina: "You're tellin' me. Hey, how is my crime syndicate family going? Is my junkie brother helping you be in a conspiracy with the White House Chief of Staff? And what news have you of Soy-Soy."


Once again Ellen calls Tate on the phone belonging to the guy who is like a hot BJ Novak, and once again BJ is standing right there in Tate's personal area when this happens.

BJ: "You need to stop this. My phone is for me. You have a phone for you."
Tate: "I forgot!"

Ellen: "Did you get our passports?"
Tate: "Yeah, but I couldn't get any money. We are cash poor and on the run."
Ellen: "Are you aware that tickets, hotels and food all cost money? Are you aware that tickets are for planes, trains, buses and ferries? All the conveyances. And each of them requires currency. Let's talk about it forever and ever."
Tate: "I guess they froze our accounts because they are a CONSPIRACY within the GOVERNMENT and therefore they can DO that. Which would also be true with the passports, which is why this plan is stupid from the jump."

Ellen suddenly is very irritated by everything he says, and grits out her life through a smile like a scalpel that you stole after burning yourself on your spur of the moment morning pan of muffins. I guess she is realizing how dumb her husband is, finally? Anyway, whatever; he tells her to look in his desk drawer and that is where the passports and no money will be, and we talk endlessly about those logistics, and then finally back to Nina.


Duncan: "You look so fucking cute in that three-quarter sleeve like that. You look like you could put on a big hat and plant some bulbs. You could snazz it up with some pearls and easily give a TV interview about what it's like to have a problem like you have."
Nina: "I'm just glad to hang out with you and not from inside a coma. Let's go have a picnic in the yard! I wanna show off this cute outfit."
Duncan: "No, because of your immune system. Picnics are the silent killer."
Nina: "I hate my strange disease!"

Duncan: "In Soy-Soy news, she is beating the shit out of other kids now. That's a thing she now does."

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