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Dig Your Own Hole

When I was a kid I loved spycraft so, so much. I wasn't like Data in Goonies, I didn't make practical props or anything, but I liked learning about codes and different ways to hide things in your shoes or pants, or how many kinds of false bottoms you might run into, or ways of coding information onto maps so it doesn't even use language. Point being, you can think of like ten places you could hide a passport on Tate Donovan, like, off the top of your head. But you know who can't? Beardy. And that's because Tate used his psychology against him, which is an important part of escaping being a hostage, and helps in business or real estate or what have you, and most importantly, if you are going to act like a spy.

No homo, but why would you ever pass up the opportunity to check Tate Donovan thoroughly for hidden documents? Unrealistic. Good thing this show doesn't ask you to suspend your disbelief very often.


Morgan: "School Nurse? Could you get on up out of here please? I need to steal some iodine and bandages, for some surgery I want to do on my little brother."
Nurse: "Sure, no problem."
Morgan: "Cool, I'm going to snag an epic amount of shit now."
(She does; it's great. It's like when you hit the jackpot of medical supplies in a video game.)
Nurse: "Morgan, why are you touching my shit?"
Morgan: "You move fast, lady! As to why I'm touching your shit..."

She literally, verbatim goes, "I forgot." Which isn't even a response, it's just... A mouth-noise. I wish that was a thing people said all the time.

Cop: "Ma'am, do you know how fast you were going in that school zone?"
Lady: "No. Because I forgot."

Judge: "On this count of manslaughter how do you plead to these charges?"
Defendant: "Your Honor, I plead that I forgot."

Nurse: "Is this your nausea again from last week?"
Morgan: "I guess so. I guess I just throw up now. I guess that's my life."
Nurse: "You know damn well what I'm asking you, kid."
Morgan: "I forgot. Bye!"
Nurse: "You should take folic acid and don't do bath salts."
Morgan: "I'm not pregnant, thanks for caring about me though!"


When Duncan gets to his wife's room, they made up the bed like her ass is dead. But then he goes to another room and she's just hanging out in a cute tailored top with a cozy ponytail, grinning and wearing capris, being gorgeously just like the opposite of a coma.

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