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Dig Your Own Hole
Morgan: "Okay we can act normal just as soon as we hack into each other's exposed flesh with that scalpel Mom gave us in the carpool lane."
Jake: "I don't even know where in a high school you would do that."

They talk about acting normal for a really long time. The number one sign of normalcy.


Sandrine: "Your knuckles look like you beat up a drug dealer, did you do that? Because you are getting too close to Jake, emotionally speaking."
Beardy: "No, don't be silly. These are um, muffin injuries."
Sandrine: "If I had feelings, your lies would be hurtful."

Duncan rides in on a skateboard that is covered in stickers and decals from indie music labels for punk and ska and whatever is most awesome that you don't know about yet, but Duncan heard about it like months ago, from his cousin who lives in Oxnard, and smokes cigarettes, and saw Nikki Sixx one time walking down Sunset and he had nearly invisible coke traces on his lip even though it was like 11:30 in the morning.

Duncan: "Can you believe Nikki Sixx was born in 1958? I'm gonna be thinking about that the whole rest of the day. What are you two sleazers up to?"
Sandrine: "I am being blunt and mercenary."
Beardy: "I am being oversensitive and codependent."
Duncan: "I am being the coolest."

Beardy: "How is your wife's coma?"
Duncan: "Not a coma all of a sudden. I guess Jacob made that up based on how she looks like a person in a coma every time we see her."
Beardy: "Tell her I love her!"
Duncan: "Oh, because you are her brother. Grandpa's son, and Soy-Soy's uncle. The junkie making good in his family business, perhaps."
Beardy: "As long as I don't do any drugs or form a loyalty to Jake the teenage boy. Or get my ass handed to me by Tate Donovan looking dynamite in his usual array of oatmeal and khaki casuals."


Lady: "Here's your safe deposit box full of escape documents but did you know all of your accounts are frozen?"
Tate: "Yeah, we should probably not alert anybody to that. Because of the huge conspiracy."

Beardy: "Hey, did you have fun in that bank? Let me see what's in your manila folder, I bet it's passports and things like that."
Tate: "Nope, it is to distract you from where I actually put my escape things."

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