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Dig Your Own Hole
Duncan: "Ironically I am worried about your wellbeing today, because I don't know you creeped on my kid yet, so you feel weirdly guilty about your muffin ruse."


Dad: "Son, why are you dressed like a street tough? It is not the Fifties."
Jake (?): "I guess I am impressed by Duncan Carlisle. He may have taken us hostage, but at least he never let me get beat up by drug dealers to prove a point."
Dad: "Okay, seriously I'm sorry about that. I wish I had protected you like a true father and American. Enjoy being at school and all the pressures of life. Don't be weird when you mom says crazy things to you in the drop-off at school in a minute."


Ellen: "Oh and FYI we are escaping to Canada. Don't act weird that I just told you that. Act normal. Go to high school right now and then after lunch, disappear like ghosts."
Jake: "We have GPS chips in our young bodies, remember that?"
Ellen: "I know, that's why I brought this scalpel. You should cut them out of each other."
Jake: "We're not like other families."
Ellen: "Also, maybe we will never see your dad again. Which I am fine with. I don't know about you but that guy is really cheesing me off today."


Her ass is barely in the door before she has flashbacks to her friend's life that she destroyed and then ended through her shenanigans. They have set up some Crate & Barrel religious candles around a picture of her, and also a flower arrangement that looks like it smells awful. All in all, pretty tasteful.


Angela: "The Secret Service! Oh my goodness, you get to operate on the POTUS!"
Ellen: "I know, it's exciting! This is the last time I will ever smile in my life."
Angela: "I told them all about how you are embracing your greatness and how wonderful and special and talented and blah blah blah."
Ellen: "Oh, go on. Also, you get to be a nurse in the surgery, so that's exciting."
Angela: "That is exciting! I hope it doesn't go terribly wrong and I end up dead."


Ellen: "But it did. And you did."


Morgan (?): "Okay, we have six hours until we're supposed to escape. What should we do until then?"
Jake: "Act normal, they said."

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