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Dig Your Own Hole
Rando: "Well, you'll figure it out. You can do anything!"
Duncan: "Except defeat death."

Agent Hoffman: "I am the Secret Service guy that always acts super sketchy at Ellen's job. Now I have requested you to be on my special taskforce to figure out why the President had a thinness of blood."
Duncan: "That is ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife."
Hoffman: "Also that nurse you kidnapped, we are looking for her too. Where is her body? Nobody knows. You figure it out."
Duncan: "Did anybody say who she was talking to that night she disappeared?"
Hoffman: "I drew a picture of him. It is your friend Archer, obviously."
Duncan: "Okay and why did you ask for me to be in this taskforce?"
Hoffman: "Quentin Creasy presumably. Like anything ever happens on this show that isn't two degrees of separation from him or less."
Duncan: "I feel weird, but on the other hand it's good that this is not really a real job so it won't interfere as much with my main thing of abducting families. Feigned incompetence is just one of the nigh-infinite number of skills I have mastered."


Morgan slices into her brother's laxbro flesh, screaming at him ceaselessly as she cuts him right open there just on a Tuesday, just cutting him up. He looks like he is going to fucking barf. He is in rough shape.

Jake: "So what? I can get high if I want. And that isn't even what it was about, I was arranging for us to have an escape somehow."
Morgan: "I need suction! Your blood is going everywhere and I can't see the technology!"
Jake: "Stop talking about it and stop doing it or I am going to pass out."
Morgan: "I found it! I have found it!"
Jake: "Okay but don't smash it, idiot. They'll know."

She bandages him up and they trade places. I hope we don't have to keep seeing this.


Archer: "Where are you going?"
Ellen: "I am getting a latte a block away because I feel like it."
Archer: "Hey, where's your wedding ring?"
Ellen: "Shut up."
Archer: "Okay, you're being sketchy. Check-ins are every fifteen minutes from here on out for the rest of the day."

Ellen fully calls Tate Donovan on their cell phones they've been so studiously not using, so she can tell him to call off their plan of escaping from the clutches of the bad guys.

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